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RE: An Artistic Breakdown: Strangled

in #life9 months ago

Good day @nonameslefttouse,

I discovered you quite late but I've read up a lot of your stuff in the past days.
In my eyes you have an incredible talent in writing, especially when you write down some stories. I don't even have to focus super hard to have your story fully visualized in my brain, that's an incredible skill in my eyes. Something what I only know from Hunter S. Thompson and a very few other Authors/Writers.

We just gotta keep going! :)


There's a lot there to read. Thanks for going back in time. Not every day was a good day but there are quite a few things I can be proud of. All I really wanted to do was give this world something different. I can still do better. It was always tough to keep up because I created all the visuals as well. I just came back from a comment saying we're all pretty much scum here so coming back here to this one really helped bring up my spirits. Hunter is one of my heroes. I don't have many of those. Placing me in that category was more than a compliment. Thank you.

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