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Disney make magic, this is what I believed when I was a kid and this is what I still believe. In the eyes of a child, every movie they create has something magical about it. I even had a weekly subscription to the 'Donald Duck' and I couldn't wait until it fell through our letter box every Saturday.

Now that I'm older, I don't believe in magic anymore ... most of the time, but now and again Disney does something that makes it all come back again, the memories, the feelings and the love! Yes, I loved their characters and stories. I now read Disney stories to my daughter before she goes to sleep, she's obsessed by Frozen (Elsa & Anna), she loves the 101 Dalmatians, she reads every line along with me when I repeat Junglebook for the 20th time.

As she's not even 3 yet, I am refraining from reading Bambi or Snow White, until she's a bit older. I never realised until I started reading them to her, how cruel and how much violence they have in them. So now I stick to the Lion King, Cinderella , Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast . You might say that these also have 'violence' in them, but I found it easier to explain these situations to her and also help her what to do if she ever faced a situation like that.

So reading these stories made me think, who is my favourite Disney character, that has shared so many emotions with me. From childhood to adulthood now when I read the stories to my own children.

I have settled on 2 charactes:

1. Donald Duck! Why Donald you ask? Because he reminds me of myself and every other person. He's funny, clumsy, he does normal things and lives a normal life. He has a rich uncle and a very lucky cousin. He's in love with Daisy ... or he isn't, who knows what their relationship is all about? But he's your Average Joe, the guy on the street and he's the underduck 😉 His story is pretty realistic, only when he goes swimming it gets weird ...


Donals is always drawn with an uncovered lower part of his body, except when this duck goes swimming ...

My other favourite character is more complicated and probably a bit gender related. I loved watching Robin Hood and Peter Pan as a child, those were stories of good vs bad, underdog vs establishment/bully. Robin Hood was a slick, intelligent, enigmatic and a good looking fox, that tricked the rulers and even 'Prince John' and off course the story was made complete with a little romance.

Peter was young, energetic and fighting the bully pirates with trickery and humor. He could fly and in the end ... it was all a dream, or was it? Either way, another appealing and magical character for a young boy trying to find his ways in life.

So my other favourite was Robin Hood, I still love underdog stories and Disney had a wy of making me believe the story and love the little fox. Every time I walk in the woods now and see a fox cross my path, I still have to think about the Robin that accompanied my youth and still should be an example for many kids trying to find their way in life ... not by stealing, but by doing the right thing and don't always accept things as they are, just because society made it that way. This doesn't mean that it's right, think for yourself.

In the end, Robin was right, he stood by his convictions and got what he deserved.



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Donald is my favourite cause Donald is the funniest character on Disney.

The Great Mouse Detective!!

Donald Duck & Tom & Jerry both are my most favourite cartoon characters till date.

I like T&J as well, but the cartoon was very repetitive. I'll do a post about favourite Looney Tunes soon :-D

Donald Duck is my favorite Character, I love Disney World!

I guess I should go there, I've only been to EuroDisney and that was over 20 years ago

Top & Jerry number 1 for me!

I'll do Looney Tunes at another time. Thank you for playing ;-)

I really enjoyed this post. It’s so nice to read something that’s light hearted and fun. I love all things Disney, I’ve been to Disney world in Florida twice and Disneyland in California and I was a bigger kid than my children. I got all excited when I saw the Disney characters and had to get photos and autographs. My favourite Disney film is lion king but I also love Winnie the Pooh and all his friends xx

Disney remains fantastic. The Lion King is a great film and the music is awesome. I only started to appreciate it later on. I've also seen the musical in London. Visting Disneyworld and land are high on the list, once the kids are older. They have to appreciate the journey and making travelling that distance worth it.

My favourite Disney character is rafiki, lion king's monkey! Hahah

I love the lion king, but my favourite animals are meerkats so I'd say Timon is my favourite ... Hakuna Matata ;-)

We all know Kion is the best... Jasira is a good second and then comes Timon and Pumbaa...

My favorite is donald! Not trump!

When Donald Duck traded his wings for arms, was he trading up or trading down?

Good question, I'd say down as he lost the ability to fly, but that's a matter of opinion and perspective

Peter Pan is a great challenger:-)

He makes boys dreams come true

Nice one! I'd forgotten about that. Not that he wold become my favourite, but I'd forgotten that he was and is a Disney character again.

Disney knows how to use magic! I like beauty and beast, snow white is good too!
I have never seen robbin hood before, since ts your favorite, I will check it out 😊 I hope your daughter and your family can come to Tokyo Disneyland one day! I think she will have such a nice time💕

Thank you! Tokyo is definitely on our bucketlist, the only problem is the distance and apparently it's quite expensive. So the kids will have to be older bedore we would go there so they'll really appreciate it.

I'm 20 and i still find myself watching a Disney movie. It's normal.
Who watched the latest Finding Dory movie? Ellen Degeneres is great, I actually watched only because she did a voice over, but it was great.

Yeah, I saw it. I love Dory, but finding Nemo was hilarious. I have it listed in my blog I did a few days ago under my favourite movies of all time, you can find it here

some pictures reminds you beautiful memories of life, nice sharing

Thank you

My favourite animated character is Goofy. Maybe because I share a lot of similarities, or so I thought I did when I was younger, except for dimwittedness....

If I was to choose a more modern character, it would have to be Captain Jack Sparrow and the casting of Johnny Depp couldn't have been better.

I agree! I love Pirates, ot Carribean. I saw the first one in the cinema and I've loved them ever since. JD is a very underestimated actor, if he just tried a bit harder to stay out of the news I'd respect him more as as person, but he's a fantastic actor.

I like bugs bunny, he is my favourive I don't even know why ☺

I'll do a Looney Tunes one very soon as well, this was just a spontaneous idea I had for a post.

Yes disney makes magic i believe that too. I used to make memes using donald duck. :-)

Nowdays, disney is becoming popukar and more popular, their carachters fascinating us especially kids.
Lately they have becomed models for children, for most, and kids acd like they are not in a real world.
What i am suggesting is that children will be sooner or later affected by actions or things disney carachters do : like not listening to their parents, showing their hands for fighting, arguing and so on.

This is why children shouldn't watch these things alone. Just because they're cartoons, it doesn't mean it's not harmless. Like I wrote in my blog, I don't read Bambi anymore because it has violence in there that I can't explain to a 3 year old yet. The same is even worse when we let them watch TV alone, they need to be supervised at all times.

We should carefully choose what to watch and what not to.

This character was all of my time!! You should do a tag with that!!

My favorite é Donald!

It looks like we have a lot of Donald fans here :-D

I also admire Disney ever since I was young and until now especially those movies that inspires young hearts and young at hearts. It may be wrong to escape reality but It's never been wrong to boost yourself positively and Disney (some movies may not be) inspires me everytime. ;)

And as long as children watch with adult supervision, there's no harm in cartoons. Everyone should have a way to escape the harsh reality of every day life once in a while.

Exactly right!

Nice post @wolfje. My favorite will always be Goofy! He is more on the clumsy end of the relatable spectrum for Disney characters. That might be his secret for success with me and he never fails to be his namesake. hYuck!

Interesting choice! Who doesn't like Goofy, I'd forgotten about about him. Thanks for reminding me.

The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa.

A true Nomadic friendship.


I love Timon, thank you for adding a picture of him to my post.

My favourite is the main mouse himself :) I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow Disney lol, this was fun to read.

Thanks and also thanks for reminding me. I've always wanted to pick up this line of posts, but I've forgotten about it. Now I will pick it up again in the near future.

i love forever should be considered a princess "Mulan". my role model .... a brave person , who would sacrifice for her family and friends and go on an adventure with no plans at all.

Very nice choice and also fighting against the establishment where they don't allow girls to fight.

Genie from Aladdin is my favorite, he was such a fantastic and entertaining character I instantly loved him from the first time I watched the movie. Then as I got older and got to understand and see there was so much more depth to him it made me love him even more so.

Very interesting choice

I always enjoy watching a Pirates, of Caribbean movie. Johnny Depp plays a good role. When it comes to the cartoon side, Looney Tunes and Bugs Bunny!

I will do a post on Looney Tunes soon

Donald Duck, mickie mouse I like most

Do Star Wars characters count as Disney characters now?

Nothing beats Padmé Amidala Naberrie... lol...

Well, if you see that they sell Star Wars items in the Disney Store, I'd say yes. They are part of the same brand nowadays.

I Love this Cartoon..Donald Duck one of my Favorite cartoon :)

Hayelsiz bir insan olmaz sihir böyle birşey

Thank you for your comment. What are you trying to say?

AmaInf blog my friend, Peter Pan is my favourite character ever and even as a 28 year old man he is too.

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Oh I also really love the robin hood disney film :)

Güzel çalışmanın sonu gercekten caba ve gayret gerektİrir

Sorry, I don't understand, but thank you for taking the time to read my post and to comment. I really appreciate it.

Ariel is my favourite because she doesn't like to follow rules that other give to her, but still she's not considered bad...

Nostalgic friend and at the same time great, you have taken me to my childhood I still think about those cartoons like Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and Snow White, just happy girl.

Yeah, life was simple back then and I prefer the old cartoons over the 'realistic' remakes they do these days.

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I believe 99.9 percent of children all over the world love is cartoons and stories.

Peter Pan and Robin Hood were my favorites as a kid. I remember I used to have dreams that I could fly, but as I got older, I could fly less and less in those dreams, until one day I could not fly at all. I believe that was the last time I had those recurring dreams, and it kind of made me sad. I suppose I had just grown up at that point... As for Robin Hood, I just loved it for all the reasons you stated and so much more! It's always fun to see the good guy dupe and overcome the bad guy, but for a Disney movie that was able to relate to kids so well, that one sure did a fantastic job at being multi-faceted and showing great character depth. It made/makes you laugh and cry, makes you excited and mad, letting the viewer run the gambit on an emotional roller coaster.

Thank you for the nostalgia brought about by your post, reminding me of fond memories and simpler times.

love cartoons... but i cant because of lack of time.
Thanks to you for memorizing me such beauty cartoons...

Everyone should have a way to escape the harsh reality of every day life once in a while.

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you ... I am amazed to you, you are very fantastic in making a post, hopefully triumph in the work .. Thank you 💏😘

Oh I really really loved to watch Robin Hood! Now that your post remind me of it I think I am going to see it right now :D Thank you!!!
By the way, I think it is really great that you read such books and watch such movies with your daughter. Disney is still teaching the right things!

Thank you

Anch'io come te sono cresciuto con pane e Walt disney! Ho ancora tutti i film in vhs :Cenerentola, Biancaneve, Bianca e Bernie, La Sirenetta..ecc

Solo che ho capito di aver fatto un grande errore guardarli.A pensare quante volte li ho pure riguardati!

Walter Disney, è cosa saputa, oltre ad essere un luciferiano o massone, ha sfondato vecchi film come quelli prima citati di messaggi subliminali con sfondo sessuali e satanici.

A proposito di ciò, ha dovuto pagare una sanzione di oltre 100.000$ per chiudere il caso.Ti ricordi di Bianca e Bernie?Censurato!
Walter, non era spregevole, di più.Biografia e testimoni, raccontano di un alcolista, lunatico, arrogrante e oltre a sfruttare disumanamente i propri disegnatori, era anche razzista e faceva parte di un gruppo antisemitico..

dai un occhiata a queste immaginipk.jpg
biancaebernie (6).jpg
sirenetta (6).jpg

e qui c'è anche topolino..

download (6).jpg

con Minnie che mantiene...cosa?!?
ci stanno togliendo il senso della critica...
Amico mio non credere a ciò che ti ho postato, fai una ricerca su google e vedi con i tuoi occhi chi era WALTER DISNEY e i suoi horror animati!

Ehm, Thank you!? I'm sorry I don't understand what you're saying. But thank you for your enthousiasm and these pictures.

I don't understand what they wrote, but my guess is that this person is pointing out all the scandalous stuff and basically saying Disney isn't fit for children. While it is true there have been a number of things slipped into Disney movies, pictures, etc. along the way that are not child appropriate and were not caught until it was too late, these few exceptions to the rule do not make Disney movies themselves perverse or wrong. Most of the time these were done by disgruntled employees or were actually harmless accidents that appeared similar to something else.

First of all, I'm sorry if I have not complimented you beforehand for the fullness of your article.REALLY NICE!

This is the translation of what I have posted to you before ...I, like you, grew up with bread and Walt disney! I still have all the movies in vhs: Cinderella, Snow White, Bianca and Bernie, The Little Mermaid..etc
Only I realized I made a big mistake looking at them. To think how many times I have also looked at them!

Walter Disney, is a known thing, besides being a Luciferian or a Freemason, has broken old movies like the ones previously mentioned of subliminal messages with a sexual and satanic background. About this, he had to pay a fine of over $ 100,000 to close the case.
Do you remember Bianca and Bernie? Censored!

Walter, it was not despicable, more. Biography and witnesses tell of an alcoholic, moody, arrogant and in addition to exploit his designers inhumanly, he was also racist and was part of an anti-Semitic group .. take a look at these images and here there is also little mouse .. with
Minnie who keeps ... what?!? they are taking away the sense of criticism ...

My friend do not believe what I posted to you, do a search on google and see with your eyes who was WALTER DISNEY and his animated horror!

Thank you for your explanation. I am sorry if I've awoken any bad feelings towards Disney or the company. That was never my intention. I am Jewish myself and I never heard of WD being an anti-semite. His association with masonry can also be argued from both sides.

Regardless, I would like to keep my posts neutral, fun and interactive, so let's just try to stay with the topic and what it did to us growing up.

Destiny is God given ability, it can't be bought in the market. I follow and upvote you. Pls do same for me.

waoo magical!

i love timon and bumba :))

Big Timon fan here as well, but not enough reference material ;-)

Really a wonderful story and its content is very good in view
Greetings to you

Thank you

So gonna go there one day, with an empty stomach and a thirst to quench.

I'm going there once I can afford it. It's been a dream of mine since I was a boy.

Going where?

Disney is magic, Disney is fun! I love the fact that you take the time to keep your inner child alive, and very important.. You are raising your daughter well! Disney gives magic, values, faith and even adventures to kids (not like those cartoons you can see on the tv today).
Now you made me think about who's my favorite character, i'm gonna spend the whole day thinking about that lol

Thank you for your nice comments. Did you come up with your favourite character?

Yes I did and it's Mulan for sure! She represents power and courage!

Nice choice and good reasoning. I like her as well, for similar reasons why I like Robin Hood

very amazing your remind me childhood is really beautiful thank you for sharing ;) awsome post

Thank you

@wolfje it will be Olaf for me he is optimistic helpful loyal friend

Nice choice, Olaf is funny, I'd put him in the same category as Timon. I associate them with real life thigs I really like.

lion king was epic ..... tom and jerry will remain fresh in my memory ....... this days it been quite difficult to fashion out time to watch them.

I agree, it's something we usually do on a cold and wet day with a fire in the fireplace and when the kids are really bored.


Episode 1

In the absolute tranquility of the glorious evening, Nelly basked as she reclined on the sunbathing couch at the most anterior aspect of her Dad's Single-Storey mansion. The couch lay few foots away from the main car park. Dad had bought that couch two years earlier when he flew into Nigeria from one of his mega business tours.

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Pim! Pim!! A car horn came on and woke her from her transient paradise.

"Adamu!!!!!" She angrily yelled repeatedly but the gate man was nowhere to be found. She sluggishly stood up and zealously wiped her voluptuous behind twice as she throdded along to jolt open the giant modern Aluminium gate for Dad.........

Disney movies are awesome. Mickey Mouse is also an excellent example of an educated character.

MM is the face and the mascotte of Disney, yes he's a nice and cute character, but people can associate better with DD than MM.

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i m new here

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MY favourite is drum roll Alladin. Not only my favourite character but also my favourite Disney Movie :)

Interesting choice, you're taking this to 'a whole new world' ;-)

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I love your work

Thank you

Id go with either RObinhood or Alladin :p

My favorite Disney character is definitely Donald Duck!!!!!!!!!

i loved it, really took me to a special cute place remembering all of these cartoons (that actually i remember very well) i think that my favourite character has always been aladdin, he's a dreamer, he is lucky, but most of all he believes in romantic love and with the help of good friends he succeed even without the power of the genius in the end..
graet simpathy also for the sleepy beauty and bisss of robin hood ahhaha

Interesting choice, you're taking this to 'a whole new world' ;-)

Donald Duck is always awesome for me :)

As a person born in 1980, my childhood passed by watching these beautiful heroes.It was a time when the children gathered in each other's houses with each other in turn and watched the comic strip from morning to night without knowing that the child broke into laughter with our soul.

Yeah, great times. Cartoons were still simple and innocent.

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wow you remind me childhood is really beautiful thank you for sharing ;)

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You're welcome ;-)

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