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RE: Life, love, and new "finds"

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I was getting a little "soft" from all of my relaxing haha
a branch that's grown under there from the tree outside

After the accident I figured I would wait to forcefully point that out
and that's a leak. watch what you put under it.

I am so glad for the both of you. 👍


hahaha thanks for being so kind! Brian just calls it fat LOL

I hear you about the roof, but it's one of those thatched, dried grass roofs and open on the sides. So the branch is coming in from a tree on the sidewalk through the "open side" and under the thatched roof. It's all good is what I'm trying to say dad. Thanks for worrying though!

I didn't want to get cussed out by every woman on steemit.

Don't make me come down there and put you in time out. your not that old

hahaha wise move!

I'd love to see you try it :)

LOL your not that tough.

How are you doing. ?
you Placed nice on the list.

Thanks for noticing! I just don't have it in me, with everything else going on, to try and knock janton off the chair haha

I understand that.
I new this week was going to be rough, Didn't know it would be this bad