What is masculinity really?

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The following is an exploration of masculinity and femininity as energies that exists inside all of us, forces which seek balance. I hope to encourage discussion rather than to convince you of anything. Please don’t be offended by any opinions expressed here, I am merely sharing my perspective and I’m open to changing my mind. If the words masculinity and femininity are too charged or hold different meanings for you, feel free to substitute the, for Yin and Yang which are interchangeable with what I am trying to express here, but I don’t use myself because I don’t feel well versed enough in eastern philosophy to use those words so freely. I am still learning about this myself so if you have any insights, please share!

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What do you think when you hear the word masculinity? Is it a manly man? A tough guy? Muscles? Masculinity, at least when it is expressing itself in a balanced way, is not about being physically imposing or aggressive although it makes sense that these are often associated with masculinity.

Masculine energy seeks to achieve whatever task is at hand, and does what it takes to achieve it. It is protective, especially of those who are not strong enough to protect themselves. It may protect with muscles or with words, with a tough front or with intelligent strategy. It only acts aggressively when there is a threat. When balanced, it does not prefer to use violence, that is merely a last resort.

I wonder if even the mothers desire to protect her children is the masculine inside her, which would explain why the mother is such a powerful figure. The nurturing feminine is matched with the protective masculine force, creating a true force to be reckoned with, anyone who is charged with both energies always is. This all too often manifests, in humans, as an unbalanced desire to control the child’s life.

Masculinity deals with the outer world rather than the inner world. It faces the physical world, and deals with society. It is pragmatic and analytical and resides in the mind as is one with the ego. Because it deals with the outer, rather than the inner, it is logical that men were traditionally the ones who went out to hunt or work and bring home the food or the money to buy food. Masculinity is expressive, it shares its opinion and seeks to make an impact on the world around it, or at the very least is unashamed to do so. When it is strong, It has no reservations about being itself in public.

This is not to say women should not be hunters or workers or fill a masculine role, not at all. As I mentioned, we all have both masculinity and femininity inside of us and a balance between the two is ideal, it is perfectly fine if a woman wants to interact with others in a way that leans toward masculine. I think it’s incredibly positive that more and more women are insisting on expressing their masculinity (or yang energy) whether it be as the primary breadwinner, leadership positions, expressing themselves openly, or being able to protect others.

What the masculine side of us really craves is to be recognized and respected for its contributions to something greater than itself, to pierce the collective consciousness with its own will, not out of a desire for control, but out of a desire for creation. Only a twisted masculine energy will seek to influence through force or coercion. The balanced masculine energy will seek to influence through inspiration.

For centuries, we have lived in a world where things have been skewed too far towards the masculine, causing unbalance in both the masculine and feminine energy. Leaders have tried to control their people rather than inspiring them. The feminine has been suppressed, making it impossible to create the bonds of trust necessary for freedom and peaceful coexistence. We’ve been engaged in all kinds of pissing contests, in the form of arms races and an obsession with material goods.

I for one am excited for the empowerment of femininity which is already well under way! Still we need to embrace our masculinity, whether we are male or female, in a more balanced and productive way. As these two find balance, we will see a world manifest which is much closer to the one we desire.

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very interesting that you evoke masculinity within a mother. the protective instinct has nothing to do with gender characteristics.

masculinity is an exhibition of the characteristics of an alpha male. is it limited to a man? in today's generation, i would say no.


I am trying to pull the concept of masculinity away from gender charactaristics, perhaps I need another word though, or perhaps I need to familiarize myself with the different nuances of the word "Yang-qi" so I am able to use it instead.

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