A Rebirth

in life •  2 months ago

Flashbacks from the previous night oozed through my awareness. The images that came up floated on the surface, evidence of depths that no longer invited investigation. It was straining to recall anything in detail, not due to inebriation, at least not in my case.

Something had died.

It was something intangible, something rotten that had wanted to die for some time. To some extent, we must have all felt it. There was no doubt that we were standing in a different world than the one we had been standing in just a few hours earlier. Some were in a state of mourning, others rejoice.


It seemed that everyone had a difficult time interpreting what had happened. The only way to describe it would be to walk around it, tracing its edges, but it was not something which could be viewed upon directly.

Some of us could see last night for what it was. The sweaty bodies moving at random, the shouts of ecstasy, the steady rhythm. It was a ceremony that we had unknowingly organized and taken part in. This had been bubbling for a while and now it had finally come to a head.

There was nothing sinister in it. What had died had wanted to die and what had now been born belonged to us as we belonged to it. It had been born from our collective will. Our desire and our fear. Whatever would come would be of our own asking.

As the others lay with their eyes closed, some snoring, others without a sound, I stood up and put my shoes on, eager to go outside and see what this new world looked like. Most everything would surely look the same.

Nothing outside had changed in any noticeable way. But there was no doubt that everything was different. What had died and been reborn had been inside of us. It was a purging of the unwanted old patterns and an invitation for new ones, lighter, easier, and more true.

I looked around, enjoying this new body of mine, enjoying all the subtleties of a life so familiar and yet inexplicably different from everything I had known.


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If we simply let those things we need to drop die a natural death, we will be so much happier for it

Not sure whether to assume your character had an awesome new year celebration or if there is something else going on, exactly how an awesome story should be :)


So much going on!!!

This is lovely. I love those moments of transformation - what is learned cannot be unlearned. Little flutterlings of the heart, eyes skyward in wonder. x


:-) so much transformation happening right now