Controversy on Japanese Escalator Manners/「片側空け」歩行に賛否 エスカレーターのマナー記事反響/

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Controversy on Japanese Escalator Manners: As a Response to the Article, Man with Partial Paralysis on His Left Side Says “I Can Only Stand on the Right.”


The West Japan Daily (The Nishinippon Shimbun) article on escalator manners has been met with a huge response from readers. The convention to line up on the left and keep the right side open for those in a hurry has had mixed receptions. “I want people to understand that some people cannot stand on the left,” pleads a man who can only grab onto the right handrail due to a physical handicap.

The article discussed the historical background of how keeping one side open on escalators in the subways and other facilities came to be recognized as good manners, as well as the current situation. Railroad companies are prohibiting people from walking on the escalators and instead encouraging them to stand in two lines, in order to prevent accidents.

Still, many people believe that keeping one side open is proper etiquette. Many readers reported their experiences: “My daughter was yelled at by an older woman when she stood on the right to make two lines.” “I heard a lady telling her child that the right side should be kept open for those in a hurry.”

On the other hand, some people were sympathetic of this custom. “Some people might be startled if a stranger stood next to them. Besides, some women don't want to stand next to a man.”

A 66-year-old man from Fukuoka city, cannot use his left hand freely, as the left side of his body has been paralyzed due to a stroke. When riding the escalator, he stands on the right to grab the handrail with his right hand. Some people walk past him on the left. He says “I worry about my safety when people brush against my left hand. I wish people in a hurry would use the stairs.”

A 53-year-old housewife living in Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, sent the Mission Crew a message via the messaging app. “People should act according to circumstances, rather than setting rigid regulations where people are forced to stand on both sides. I hope that people will start to understand that it is not a breach of manners to stand on both sides of an escalator step.”

「片側空け」歩行に賛否 エスカレーター、マナー記事反響 左半身まひの男性「右しか立てない」








I live in Nagoya and depending on the time of day it's pretty much anything goes in Nagoya station. Fukuoka seemed like heaven compared with Nagoya when I was there.

Fukuoka is a compact city, the English magazine introduce the city as 14th Best City In The World!