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RE: The Benefits Of Being A Genuine Person - How To Be True To Yourself

in #life5 years ago

I am sharing this for others to understand that you nailed it all the way across the ball park on a bases loaded home run. Some folks just do not understand I am not in a competition, I fit within my skin and like who I am no matter what someone else says or does.
The small minded that walk among us will try their best to destroy who you are because they just don't get it.
Another awesome article!


Thanks for reading and resteeming. I like competition but not because I want to win over others. I like it because it makes us strive to improve ourselves. Everyone wins when we all egg each other on to get better at something, especially as a team.

LOL we are all on this small planet so what impacts one is aimed at us all, nothing says we can't be human about it.

Exactly. I like that.

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