Why are we(Africa) throwing away everything including our lives just to reach Europe?(Wafrica Guest Post)

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"On the 12th of September, 2018....a question was asked on one of the air programs had on HOT FM, which was drawn from a comment earlier made by one of the government's minister (Ogbonnaya Onu), as he was referring to Nigerians in diaspora to return home, and benefit from the good thing that the government are doing.
The presenter asked if the minister was right in his comment, but the waves of the attack received as a response to this question was obvious that a lot of Nigerian at home are even eager to leave the country for Europe in search of a greener pasture."

[Mediterranean sea]

The above situation is not limited to Nigerian, but has cut across most Africa countries, most of her citizens are throwing away everything just to get their foot set on the soil of Europe, what could be the cause?

Are we(Africans) that cursed, or is it the government's faults that her citizens can no longer have a better future, or just a mentality or mindset of some citizens that made them believe that they can only make it out there.

Why do Africa risk everything just to get to Europe?

Big question for us..

It's appalling how African can risk everything just to get to Europe, a land they never known before, even after hearing the horror event that befalls the previous travelers.

The Mediterranean sea has had its fill with the carcasses of African traveling on it.....don't embark on such journey, there is still better and bright future in the soil of Africa.

The risk that's associated with this journey is not worth it, the huge amount of money we pay to get across nations is worth starting a big business in our father's land(Africa), why put your life in line against what that doesn't give assurance, "only one out of three hundred make it", don't be deceived with the promises of a better living out there.

Spending nothing less than 150euros, just to trek to Europe is rather a suicide undertaking, some of them die on the way, even before getting to the desert, some died because of exposure to the unfavorable and harsh environment, some even if they made it to the Mediterranean sea, ends up there.

There is still hope here in Africa, there is no country without challenge, should we run away from our challenges as a nation or continent?. Emphatically No!.

Dislodge the thoughts that tell you that Africa is hard to make a living, renew your mind and think of how or what to do that will make Africa great.

This popular saying that worked miracle in America is worth cultivating in our personal view towards our nations and avoid immigration that cuts our life short:
"Think not of what America will do for you but think of what you will do for America"

The greatest treasure is the land of one's birth.

"Hopes are very high when you are going but turns into despair when either you are caught, shot, drown or deported".


Freedom in Africa is better than slavery in elsewhere.

Don't be in a hurry to sell yourself to slavery, it's easy to get in, but very difficult to come out.

Let's start thinking on how to make Africa great, instead of running away from our troubles, when we are determined to make it work in our father's land (Africa), forget those politicians who say come home but they building mansion abroad, their children are schooling in abroad.
Let's start thinking about making Africa great, I tell you it's possible.


@princluv, I believe in Africa!

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I think that mentality is changing. It might be slow but an awareness that we can actually make it in Africa is coming. I ask myself ‘what can I do for my country’.
We all need to ask ourselves this question instead of “ what can my country do for me?”. Don’t remember who said that but it definitely applies to us Africans today.

Hello @leggy23 and @wafrica, It was said by John F. Kennedy

I am Czech but has been living in Cameroon since 2008 having the same experience as you. I also believe Africans should save Africa probably as well as to save Europe since in 30 years 50 % of European men will be non-fertile. However, Africa is the richest continent currently with the poorest people - over half billion living under the poverty level (1.9 $/day). That is not fair! If we want to sustain the lives of all human beings I believe we need to all live in peace and harmony. Listen to each other and learn. In the past 10 years, I have learned in Cameroon far more than before at the University. I just mean all we can save Africa if we are thinking more about the consequences of our behavior. I am pretty much sure there is no any other more sustainable solution than to cooperate, work together and make sure we do not destroy our planet before is too late. Check out our @forestfriendly family vision.

We should not forget about the influence of the France, England, USA, China and other countries. Because If we are able to really get independent and get the resources to the hand of Africans, that would totally change the situation. It has been just yesterday I have watched this video (bellow0, which you can find also in my recent article here: Breathtaking description of the current state of the human society: Change your channel | Mallence Bart-Williams | TEDxBerlinSalon

Thanks for your great blog, looking forward to reading more.


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I have seen your blog before and you are going really good stuff. I’m on the fence when it comes to moving back home. Maybe it’s time.
I heard about the fertility issue before and I thought it was a conspiracy theory. That’s quite alarming yet it doesn’t seem to be common knowledge. I wonder if it affects only men and if other races are affected by this situation.

Thanks. Just trying to equal the bad guys with some good stuff. The reason for the fertility issue is contraception used by women. It is everywhere. When a woman urinates it goes to canalization, then the water cleaners cannot effectively avoid it so it goes to the rivers, then to fish and in the end to humans. I think it is called estradiol which can be processed in our body into estrogen the female hormone which makes men infertile. I am pretty sure you can find many information online.

Great contribution ....thanks

We African need to start believing in ourselves and our potential. It's true that a lot of countries have been handicapped by poor to zero infrastructure but so was the European nation at some point in history.
Never before in history of Africa have we been opportuned or granted access to the tools we have in our hands right now which is technology to effect a change in our various conuntries. Cause with it, the geographical borders across Africa and the world at large becomes non existent just like bleepCoin rightly mentioned.

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Every country started small....we can be like europe someday.

Once there is a repositioning of the mind, success is not limited to location.

I agree with you...

This is a great question. I watched as many fled Burundi 2015 - 2016. None of the leaders seemed to feel any ounce of compassion for mess they were creating.

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Technology is changing the world of business and finance, you can now access world markets on your smartphone, you do not have to cross the dessert and the sea!
Africa is positioned to take advantage of this new opportunity and leap into the future.


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Sure..we don't to go that far to have a brighter future.

It's very sad that many Nigerians would do anything to leave the country. Many have heard of the horror occurring in Libya but they still take chances. Their is nothing like living comfortably in the borders of your own country. Although our government could care less, you as a person can create a way for yourself. Taking advantage of the new market and development even when they aren't fully developed in Nigeria.

This is happening in all over africa countries.

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