I hate to be harsh, because I'm a very compassionate person, but I think that you're a con artist.

NO ONE should give this person ANYTHING. You lie about who you are, what you do, etc. All you do is take from people by manipulating them and then you gamble it away.

I loaned you $1000 USD in BTC MONTHS ago because you "had opportunities," and had "unexpected housing and travel expenses." Bullshit, dude. You went and fucking blew it at casinos. Several people saw you at poker tournaments and shit, quit with all of this garbage and man up, seriously. It's gross.

Anybody wanna guess what happened after the $1000 worth of BTC was sent? Well, I'll tell you. It's MONTHS of being ignored, literally IGNORED. No replies. No responses, nothing. Dude just rips me off and replies to NOTHING.

@virtualgrowth is a con artist and a gambling addict. He uses people that he can manipulate. He manipulates people that actually have hearts and are good people.

@virtualgrowth, prove me wrong. Don't blame you stealing and conning friends on some bizarro stupid fucking electromagnetic bullshit. Pull your pants up, buddy. Quit fucking people.

Downvoted, you deserve no reward. You are a thief.

EDIT: Nice deletion of your original post full of lies and con-man begging. Own your reality instead of trying to damage others'. You should be totally ashamed of yourself to an extreme level. You're a thief, a back stabber, and a rogue.

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