Need an extra $1000 for the next month

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Could use a one month loan of $1000

Have people to meet unexpectedly. Numerous opportunities all coming together at once. Plan o heading back to California next week. Will get to my other crypto keys later this month. Also have token that can’t be exchanged just yet. Work order to help some projects with stuff paid for just waiting for some bills sent out to be paid within a month, possibly as soo as next week!

Went off to nature for a bit so have been traveling minimally. Will load Virtualgrowth back in with s few stops and thank people for holding on to pieces of Virtualgrowth in the meantime!

Hoping to get back in LA for events next week and by the tenth where I am a cohost and will be introducing meltable NFTS for use in some form of game,sponsors, rewarding volunteers and much of m and others community efforts.

Namaste 🙏 ,

P.S. Sorry for typos. Phone about to die and not charging. Off to get things fixed, new bag, and stuff.


It's not cool not paying debts off as fast as you can, you need to pay off the loan fast

I can loan ya $1k as long as you can return the same amount of crypto back within the month.

Cool, I can do any no problem, but can do BTC the most readily available. How much are you needing at this point since you have other stuff on the way?

$1000 if possible. Little of unexpected travel popped up. Few people want to meet me. Then off to California. Will access my other keys before end of month. BTC works. Not sure when other is arriving exactly just yet.

Be good to secure a place to stay before I get there. Also thank you very much. And lastly using blockchain to be publicly transparent.

It's transparent on the blockchain that you're screwing me on this loan right now, man. This is not cool and you are really hurting the shit out of my feelings. I trusted you and wanted to help you out and you're wronging me . . . What's up? I'm literally begging for communication from you which you will not grant me the privilege of having . . .

Hi @virtualgrowth! It doesn't seem right to me to interfere in personal matters between friends but since this is a public post, I'd like to mention that money spoils relationships easily. As a man of words, you should have returned the loaned money in time to @matt-a as committed here. But I see that it's long overdue now.

Are you in need of some more funds so that you can pay back @matt-a and honor your committment? Or is it just that you ain't getting these messages from @matt-a?

He's getting them. He has read my messages on Telegram and he's getting read receipts for my messages on Signal messenger (his phone). He's just ignoring me.

I hate to see you get done this way by someone you thought was a friend, when all you had were good intentions and wanted to help him. But like that old saying goes Good Intentions Pave The Way To Hell. You barrowed the money @virtualgrowth time to pay it back, so do the right thing its not to late to make things right and maybe keep a good friend that was looking out for you.

Dude, you NEED TO REPLY TO ME. You are 100%, for sure getting my messages. I don't want to be public about this, but I'm absolutely on the verge of doing it. Quit being like this.

$600 may be managed as needed. Thanks again.🙏

I'll hit ya up on Telegram.