You can start by not scamming, betraying, and lying to people who have gone out of their way to help you and that trusted you. For example, me. I know you've been reading all of the messages I've sent you over the past 2 months on an every day to every other day interval (I have read receipts, those are a thing) and you've replied to ZERO messages. You owe me $1,000.00 in bitcoin and have been avoiding me, but you sure haven't been avoiding the casino. Quit with the woe is me stories and actually have a spine by being a man of your word. You straight up lied to me, dude, YOU'RE ATTEMPTING TO SCAM ME AT THIS POINT IN TIME. You got my message(s) about what I'm about to write up if you don't get real and fix this. 5 PM EST 9-19-2019 (today) and I'm going to relay information to everyone in the form of a post for everyone's safety, because in my eyes, right now, as you currently stand, you're a danger to the community and a con artist. This is NOT a joke this time. I WILL expose your identity and your photo for the sake of the safety of the community. If you let it come to that, which is completely your choice (you won't even give me the courtesy of a single word in response to my countless messages) the only way to get me to remove it will be to pay me in full like you said you'd do as soon as you got home because you were "away from your private keys and encountered some unexpected lodging and travel expenses." Quit shitting on those who are good to you.

Fix it and I'll fix these posts. I loaned you $1,000 at 0% interest to help you out while you were "away from your private keys," which turned out to be a total lie. Don't be a thief. I thought that you were better than this.

The ball is in your court, buddy. As I've sent countless times now:

Send 0.08736588 BTC to this address to square up.


If anyone's interested in if @virtualgrowth has paid me back or has chosen to maintain his scammer/con-artist/thief status, just check the above address on the bitcoin blockchain to see if 0.08736588 BTC has been sent to it, that's viewable by clicking here:

The balance is currently 0, which means that he has chosen to remain a scamming con artist, lying thief. Until that balance changes to the previously mentioned amount, he's a scamming, lying, con artist thief.


Yeah this sucks, i flagged that scammer! Don't let him get to you, gotta shake it off. He knows where to send it, no point in making yourself look like a loose cannon too. I've been there before, best is to go to his house, knock on the door and hand him a court document or something! lol & never lead money to anyone ever, especially someone on steemit! Not unless you have it in a smart contract or something secured! Now all you can do is wait for him to get his Karma!! He's done this to that many people than he's done, I'm sure he conned a nut by now, theist con gone done! Something will happen to the guy fosho now, he won't be around forever you know, if you know what I mean! lol , marky my words Karma always does come back around like a boomerang should!!

there are different answers for all of you with different understandings and questions.

Ignoring communication with @matt-a really doesn't help you.
I'm not sure if someone was waiting for this post, but it looks like he's waiting for some answers.

That's the thing that outright gets under my skin. He gets, opens, and reads my messages and wont reply. He talked to me just fine up until the exact day that he was supposed to pay me, then went totally silent. I didn't start getting disgruntled with him until he flat out ignored for over a week and I found out he had been home and had left for the casino. That's when things started to add up, he lied about his situation and gambled my money away, AKA he's a con artist who betrays his "friends."

Are you a scammer? Give back @matt-a's money.

Until he pays me back, he's 100% a scammer . . .

Sometimes you just need time for yourself to recover.

Life is challenging and it can drain your battery, certainly know that feeling. Step away for a few days, travel and experience a new culture if you can. Stepping away from the Steemit platform is also healthy, nothing much is taking place and this can be draining especially seeing how things happen here. So take time for yourself and remember when its feeling heavy, you GOT THIS.

It's great to hear from you VG! Thanks for the update. I'm here if you want to talk, I always enjoy speaking with you.

Sending positive vibes! Better times ahead!

My heart goes out to you...there are not many things that feel worse than when one has been worn thin.
Many people, places, and things can make it hard to walk life's road...some make it harder than others. To lose oneself is one of the most difficult of shadows that we pass through in a lifetime. It is even more difficult not to allow the dark to drag us back down again. To find our way through the darkness... we must only focus on the lights that shine the way. Whether they are found in a book or a lover's gaze..they are all around us if we simply look. We must only do what makes our soul shine so that we might light the way for others.
I hope you find your way back soon.