A 19th Century Household #1

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A rather different, lifestyle

During my stay in Lincoln - England, i finally took the chance of visiting the museum that was just feet away from my home. Is not a very big place at all, but thinking back now, i believe is indeed worth a visit .

The place is called: The Lincoln Museum (yes, very creative) and it show's how the home of regular people (financial wise) was looking like in the 1900 and further .

The parlour

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The parlour was used on Sundays and special occasions. It was regarded as the best room in the house, and its role was more decorative than functional.

Few of the popular ornaments you'd find in their homes were glass domes and cases containing stuffed animals. Artificial flowers were often displayed, as well as holiday souvenirs.

Entertainment could be provided by the phonogram, which you can see on the sideboard, or by the piano.


And talking about pianos, the upright ones were favored, as their shape fitted into the smaller parlours of the middle classes.


The kitchen

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In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the kitchen had a central role in the house, and it would be the only room to be permanently heated, because of the range.


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The range was used for preparing and cooking the food, but it was also used to heat the water in the water box next to the fire.

Racks hanging from the ceiling were used to dry clothes when the weather was bad and they could not be hung outside.

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The kitchen is not 'fitted', but shelves and some cupboards were fixed. There are a variety of labor saving devices on the work surface. These devices would often be found in a lower-middle class house, which was less likely to have a servant.

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To make this article easily readable and not too long, i divided it in two parts. The second part brings you images and infos about the wash-house, the saddlery and the blacksmith. Stay tuned 😉 .


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