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Situation :

The time is 7 o’clock in the evening; the peak traffic hour in the city. Being the monsoon month of August and heavy overcast conditions, it can start raining cats and dogs any moment. Having spent a brutally exhausting day at the office, Tony is on his way back to home, on his trusty motor bike and is still 20 KMs away from his home; which—by usual weekday’s estimates— can take anywhere between 1 hour to 1 hour & 15 minutes. But the exception for today being a rainy day, all another 30 minutes to it.

He is completely tired and his head could burst any moment, due to headache and at this juncture, all he wants is to get to his destination, i.e. home, and take a hot cup of tea and lay in his bed.

All these desires are rising in his heart, but they don’t seem to be materializing any time soon, as he has been stagnant at on place itself; amidst a standstill traffic, for the last 20 minutes. It has been no progress and he hasn’t moved an inch from his place for some time now and, all of a sudden he observes a bustle around it.

The reason behind this sudden hustle & bustle is an ambulance, which is blowing its eardrums shattering ‘siren’, as it’s is an emergency and a patient in critical condition is on-board.

Although people have been stuck here for such a long time, but it is such a beautiful sight, that they still haven’t forgotten humanity. People are considerate of other’s emergency situations, after all there is a human’s life at stake.

With people’s genuine efforts to help this person, who is in a dire need of it, as much as possible. People actually made a passage for the ambulance to pass through from this place, towards the hospital.

Options :

What should Tony do in this situation?

Option 1-: Give way to the ambulance and just stand there & wait for his turn to come organically. This way he would be honouring and appreciating the humane and nice gesture displayed by everyone around him. This will showcase his true inner nature, as a person.

Option 2- Or should he simply follow the ambulance, as it would provide him with a free pass, from the traffic and torturous situation?

Things to Consider :

Option 1- By not using a free pass, while he easily could, he shows that he hasn’t forgotten about the principle of “unyielding integrity”. That is, “you have to maintain your integrity at all times; no matter how adverse the situation might become”. He might have to spend, god knows, how much more time to get pass this stretch of traffic jam.

Option 2- By simply following the ambulance, he would reach home earlier than the rest. And while doing so, he is not harming anyone. He never obstructs the path of the ambulance, it’s just that he uses the way—given to the ambulance by other commuters—and tries to get to his destination. He himself hasn’t had a great day, and he thinks that, by taking up the opportunity, he is not at any fault, after all, if not for him, someone else will surely grab the opportunity, then why not Tony use it, if he has a chance?

Please help Tony take a decision, by writing in the comments section below as to what would you have done, if you were in Tony’s shoes?

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Hello @vinyprop ...I can relate to Tony's situations as I have faced big traffic jams in my city too ...it's frustrating after full day of working ..I think Tony can take free pass from ambulance as he is not harming anyone in this and he has long way from office to home ..so this will be little relief for him ...great post again 👍🏻👍🏻


Thanks you @nehachauhan 👍👍

Lovely writeup @vinyprop and quite intriguing questions. I would probably pick option 1. There would be others like Tony himself who were ahead of him waiting for the traffic to clear and they might be similar or probably difficult conditions than Tony. That's my thought.


Thank you @vidyabanjan for your reply and opinion on it. ☺️

Hello @vinyprop ...I can relate to Tony's situations as I have faced big traffic jams in my city too ...it's frustrating after full day of working ..I think Tony can take free pass from ambulance as he is not harming anyone in this and he has long way from office to home



Thank you @sanjitmandal.

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right u tnx bro

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