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I think it is a very hot-button issue as it might feel like an attack to many people but I really like your approach, @anaerwu, in that you seek to validate what's healthy instead of what would feel good to pontificate about. Love the writing, and the images provoke thoughtfulness, too :) Well composed article, for sure, I enjoyed it very much !


I wasn't sure if I should post this but I decided that it is important. Thru my school year's I have a few friends with a food disorder because they want to achieve this ”perfect” body. We should promote women in the middle, I'm one of them as well and instead of being on diet to lose some weight I accept how I look. It wasn't easy especially after pregnancy but it is so normal. And we should feel any shame about it.

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Yep, am also right smack in the middle and we are pretty invisible in terms of fashion's attention... Though it is super easy to shop for our sizes, we are almost neglected in terms of representation in advertisements and media... It's either the 0 size or the "controversial" types that people love to highlight... !!!

Yes, it is pretty sad that we women in the middle don't exist in the fashion industry which is unfair because we are their target group, especially for popular clothing brands.
Tbh I don't think it will change any time and it is the biggest disappointment.

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