Update by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler: 2019 nCoV Shown *NOT* to be Lab Engineered; China Law Mandating Vaccination Became Effective December 1, 2019 - the Same Day Patient Zero Fell Ill in Wuhan

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Did you see that they're now blocking access to the official numbers on the gisanddata link you posted the other day? I get a prompt to log in now when I go there.

I use Opera which provides a VPN. You might try to reload the site, or if that fails, try changing your IP addy or accessing it through a VPN. I also haven't closed the site since I opened it, and just refresh the page when I have a look, as I just did successfully.

IMG source - gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com

However, putting all our eggs in one basket is clearly a bad idea, as our broken supply chains out of China show today. Here are more data sources:


Duckduckgo search "coronavirus map" turned up more.

Hope that helps.

Oh okay, I just tried it on my computer and it worked. It must have been something wrong with the browser on my mobile phone.

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Think harder:

numerous claims of the virus DNA etc. despite the impossibility of such a feat. (Acceptance of the fact that to this day no viral DNA has been demonstrated to be extracted from any cell/tissue or egg culture/medium, any, period, that was "infected" with the "virus")

Viruses are undistinguished from Antibodies, both of which have been demonstrated to originate from almost any cell, and both of which act as a signal to other cells but don't hijack or otherwise corrupt the cell.

Virii are quite distinguishable from antibodies. I urge you to have a look at CRISPR, and how bioengineering is done. One of the vectors for introducing DNA into organisms researchers are intent on altering is virii.

While there is much we don't know about virii, DNA, antibodies and much more, many competent and forthright researchers do know the differences between those things. While I do not agree with you on this matter in the slightest, I do appreciate your irrepressible and independent thoughts. In this comment you have brought to my attention a viewpoint I was previously unaware of, and for that I am grateful.


You might think that such minute things are distinguishable among themselves but since what are considered viruses are so small that at best they appear as grainy dots with electron scanning microscopy, making them completely indistinguishable from antibodies, which are also dots, without any clear structure or shape.

I have to point out that seeing is not the only mechanism of differentiation between things. Just because they're little doesn't mean we can't use other means of doing that, and in fact science has arrived at many means of doing so that have been repeated successfully by independent researchers.

You may not know about or believe in xray diffraction, crystallography, or a great many other tools used to understand and work with these very tiny things, but there is empirical evidence beyond grainy photographs to base understanding on.

It’s challenging. Lots of these people put out information but determining what’s real and what’s not is a challenge. Thanks for sharing it, the best we can do is read multiple perspectives and come to our own conclusions.