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Want to know the top home remedies to cure your hangover the next time you have the misfortune? Now, I told you the other day about my new guide I have out and let me tell you this valuable information has been selling like hot cakes! Did you ever get a chance to check it out? If you haven't you should...

"The Hangover Survival Guide" is truly your total guide to simple cures for common symptoms associated with a hangover. I have had to suffer some hangovers myself and I remember how awful I felt and just wanted it to all go away... I just didn't know what to take or do to make it any better for myself. Which is why I decided to create this guide with a collection of the most popular cures that truly help your hangover symptoms.

Just take a look at what all you are going to learn when you get this great and useful guide...

  • Learn the full anatomy of a hangover!

  • Find out what the most common symptoms associated with a hangover are!

  • Learn about what beverages can help you feel like your ole' self again!

  • Find out what food items best help your aches and pains of a hangover!

-Gain helpful tips to preventing your from another awful hangover episode!

  • And that's not all.... there is a ton more where that came from!

Top Cupping Therapy

How to Catch a Cheating Lover

Cure Asthma Naturally

"Be Enchanted By The Power Of Numbers And How It Tells You About Your Life!

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I don't know if the book features this remedy, but for me it has worked like a charm: Spirulina, and lots of it!
When I started growing spirulina I kept reading everything on it I got my hands on, and one of these spirulina books mentioned that in Japan it is used as a hangover cure. Of course I had to try it out... not right away, but the next time I woke up with a head the size of a truck, I made a smoothie with a 30 g cube of frozen spirulina in it. The rest was made up of two bananas, coconut water, and a few pecan nuts. By the time I finished it I felt a wonderful relief.

This makes me thirsty for a Irish Stout

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