The Number 666 Applies to the Number of Protons, Neutrons & Electrons in Carbon Atoms... And Therefore in Us. Carbon is NOT EVIL!

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Bible readers know well that the number 666 is alleged to be 'the number of the beast' and many have written on this from a wide number of angles. Some are even frightened just by the number.. (A number that WILL be encountered at some point by chance, just because it IS a number!). How many realise that there are 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons making up the sub atomic structure of the Carbon atoms that form our bodies?

Disclaimer: I am not a sub atomic physics specialist, nor am I a religious scholar.. I do though have a mind, a heart, a soul and a body made partially of Carbon.. So when physicists and religion attempt to define aspects of reality and some then claim that 'qualifications' are needed to comment on it - they miss that these definitions of reality are definitions of ME too. If they can define me, then I can surely comment ;)

Bible text

You can find words describing the number 666 in the many versions of 'the' Bible, from Revelation 13:18 - such as:

This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

The full English version of Revelation 13 is here.

The message is from a part of the Bible which is meant to be a prophecy of things to come and if we are going to use it at all, it is best to see it through the lens of a symbolic and dreamlike prophecy rather than as a literal story. Additionally, there are usually numerical and astrological symbols/hints in these things - and they are in this text too - but I am not going to go into that now.

The short version is that some 'beasts' arise on Earth and cause problems - including this second beast (which has the number 666) - and one of the effects is that no-one can buy or sell if they don't have some kind of marking on their head and on their hand. Some think this is a reference to some kind of tattoo or RFID implant. There are some who have judged and jumped to the conclusion that cryptocurrency is part of a 'beast' system whereby somehow the ability to buy and sell will become totally controlled... Maybe along the lines of you having a Bitcoin identifier inserted as a 'wearable' under your hat or in a headband!

Anyway, my point is that 666 is typically considered to be a 'bad' number - even though we can't avoid it when we have more than 665 things to count ;)

Is this rational?

Even if you think that the Bible prophecy is literally true, do you still need to attach a superstition or belief to the number itself? Such that if you see 666 somewhere you assume that something bad is around?

While it is true that some cults see 666 as some kind of power number and actually have done bad things with it - the fact remains that all numbers are essentially neutral until we apply meaning to them. If you think that a number is 'evil' and have fear attached to it, then people who want to manipulate your fear will probably come up with the idea of using that number to frighten you.


So here is an interesting observation that sheds light (literally) around this area. Analysis of the physical world of Earth has shown that Carbon, which makes up a huge amount of the material of Earth and of our own human body, is made up of 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons and 6 Electrons. So 'the number of the beast' actually translates as also 'the number of wood' and 'a number of humans'. Hmm..

Upon learning this, some have used it as evidence that 'humans are fallen' and that therefore we are all 'beasts' who must be 'saved'. However, on closer inspection this is nonsense for a wide variety of reasons. Firstly, if we are beasts because we have Carbon in us, then so too is coal, wood and cardboard. Can you really say that a twig of wood is evil because it contains Carbon ? Such a statement sounds insane to just about everyone.

OK, so what if Carbon isn't evil, but us having it in us IS evil.. for some reason. This brings us on to the topic of spiritual alchemy and the idea that we can transform our material body into a higher vibrational version that is less dense and does not contain the Carbon structure. Something like this is highly likely, in my understanding, to be a valid step in the evolution of human spirits on Earth.. However, this does NOT mean that 'having carbon in your body means you are evil'.

Evolution does include a transmutation of evil held in the self, such that new love is birthed - that is true; however, I have absolutely no evidence at all that just because you are experiencing a human form, you inherently must contain evil... And therefore, carbon is evil. lol.

The reality is that not every pattern that CAN be fitted together NEEDS to be fitted together. On the other hand, there really are many amazing patterns that CAN be matched to other patterns, which lead us to learn something useful and new. The key is in paying close attention to the details and NOT judging, assuming, guessing or attempting to fill in the gaps with sequential thinking that is based on ideas which say that you simply 'must' keep thinking and 'must' fill in the gaps. It's ok not to know and it's ok to remain open to learning more in the future.

Balance or Beast?

When we have balance, we have wellbeing and in a sense, balance is an opposite to 'beast'. We cannot have balance while we are frightened of a number!

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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Earlier texts show the number to be 616 and not 666. As it is a numerical representation of the name of the Roman emperor (Caligula = 616), it is likely to have changed over time. For example, it is possible that Nero (Neron Caesar) = 666. Not sure of the numbers representing Augustus, Tiberius or Claudius.


This was possibly because it was said an early scroll showed 616 on a fragment. Problem is, the book of revalations was created from 280 manuscripts written in Greek, which in turn were written from thousands of fragmented texts translated from many anicient languages.
Cue Bill Murray movie :-)


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Interesting numerological fact

Humans are alwas struggling with the beast inside. Live eat fight fuck kill reproduce die is everything I see in nature. Are we any different, or do we just pretend to be civilized when we have plenty of food?


I've also seen this behavior in a few pubs, you can throw in as many kebabs as you like and still nobody tries to act civilised.


Yep, throw alcohol into the mix & people are either getting laid or looking for trouble

Interestingly, the Christian bible uses the number 6 as a symbol of imperfection. 666 comes from the unholy trinity as opposed to the holy trinity.
So Satan, from Revelations controls the two beasts, the antichrist who is the opposite of god and the false prophet, who is the opposite of Jesus. Satan is the opposite of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy trinity is often give the number 777, as 7 is considered to be a symbol of perfection, or completion in the bible which is of course why in western cultures, 7 is described as a lucky number.
There is your balance :-)
In the King James Bible, there are 39 books of the old testament and 27 of the new, 39+27 = ;-)
God created the world in 6 change from incomplete to complete...he rested on the 7th, and 7 days make a complete week...
Studying these interesting numbers in the bible and their possible significance always leaves me at sixes and sevens!
Finally, in the body, carbon, the 6th element makes up approximately 18% of the human body whereas the 7th element, nitrogen makes up 3%......18/3 = ? lol.....
Humans are imperfect beasts :-)
Bored yet? I love this shit and could go on all night, but if youre interested in significant numbers in the bible, there is loads of info online, then all you to do is sit looking for patterns and do some fiddling to find alsorts of interesting stuff...have fun my friend!

Actual sign of the beast.


How does this relate to Nero? I have heard that the name counting makes Nero 666. It might be interesting to many if you can explain that.


Nero Caesar = NRON QSR in the Hebrew.

N = 50
R = 200
V/W/O = 6
N = 50
Q = 100
S = 60
R = 200

50+200+6+50+100+60+200 = 666


Really fascinating. The bible is full of phrases that make no sense because of translation. Like the phrase "she called him Moses because she drew him out of the water". I was like wait.. what?


Things like trying to translate things between Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, English.

Things like how there 7 words for "love", but i the English we use only the 1.

I'm not religious or spiritual, but I do understand that their are groups (on both sides) that very much believe in this stuff. There is very clear use of the 666 in mainstream media, on products, in movies, etc.

So even though the number is only a number. It is used symbolically to communicate among satanists, as well as subtlety condition and normalize such symbology to the general population.

In regards to cryptocurrency being used for the "beast system" a cashless society has been in the work for many decades before. Are you aware that The NSA created a crypto exactly like bitcoin back in 96?

Also interesting video from pft


Yes, certainly codes are used to communicate but in truth any kind of useful code is going to be more covert than one that just about everyone recognises.

Yes I found out about the early NSA document on crypto a couple of months ago and posted about it then.
To normalise number codes it takes nothing more than demonstrating that numerology and gematria are useful - which is ultimately the direction where many would go if such codes were really normalised anyway.. So I'm not sure that the popular use of a limited code like 666 is anything to worry about. I don't think there is any need to worry about number codes, period, really.


Well it's one of many code numbers, like 33, for instance, is popular one I covered in a post awhile back. 11, 22, I don't know that many because I haven't read a lot on it yet. But, they are frequently used when it comes to msm reporting. 666 is usually used more so to do with products, advertising and other media.

There's also a lot of symbol use. And again, I only know a few of them. However, the ones I do know, I can spot as easily as the number codes I've learned.

They all have dual purposes both through communication and normalization.