Cultivation of vannamei shrimp

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The transfer of cultivation commodities from tiger shrimp to vannamei shrimp is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Displacement is carried out not without reason, that is due to the decreasing stock of the parent and the shrimp shrimp, which is indicated by the increasing number of early-harvesting farmers (small size shrimp). Now the commodity of vannamei shrimp is starting to be in demand by some farmers, although in reality the commodity of tiger shrimp is still an idol. It can be seen from the increasing sales price of tiger shrimp.


Starting from 2011, vannamei shrimp, better known as white shrimp, began to be known to farmers through radio and mouth to mouth chatter. The cultivation process that is only cultivated by farmers who have capital alone does not tremble other farmers who are still loyal to tiger shrimp. However, over time the cultivation of tiger shrimp has experienced many obstacles. The early deaths of tiger shrimp cultivation and the types of feed containing preservatives made farmers in Pinrang Regency try to start cultivating vannamei shrimp. Although the results were not satisfactory at the beginning of the experiment there were at least the benefits obtained by farmers.


Furthermore, sterilization is needed in preparation for irrigation to inhibit the growth of moss, eradicate wild fish and shellfish. "In the cultivation of vannamei shrimp fertilizer is not needed. Although it can trigger plankton growth, it can speed up the process of water damage. Enough with the provision of fermented bran only when using Intensive system cultivation

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