Life#1: You are stronger than you think|Braver than you deem|Smarter than you feel — Steemit

Life#1: You are stronger than you think|Braver than you deem|Smarter than you feel

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“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Life often challenges us. It often forces us to the edge. It threatens us. It creates the challenging moment that slaps hard on the face, where we cry like a baby and exhaust our mental stamina.

And, that's when we need strength. Mental strength, a plenty of it. 

If you have had stumble upon any of the life challenges, you would know where I'm heading. 

When I was in high school, I had a leg injury, and I couldn't play for my school team for a year. It made me feel terrible, that I wasn't part of the team. I was good at sports and enjoyed playing for my team, but I had to miss for mine health, as my doctor instructed. 

It took me a grand courage to suck that feeling in my back pocket and keep my head composed. I encouraged for my school team for the entire year.

But, you know what else I did?

I prepared myself. Not just physically I became athletic but, I raised myself mentally. I became stronger and braver person with that incident. 

And guess what? I played again. I joined back my team. 

During this phase, my teacher always encouraged, patted on my shoulder and said, "You will get through this. Stronger and Braver."

So, I like to say, everyone, no matter what, you will transcend difficult phases of life. You will be a much more dynamic person as you grow through life.

Always remember these three little things in your life

1# You are a survivor

We all are. 

We all are survivors. 

We have all overcome misfortune. 

We have all had our portion of battles. 

We have all had our flashes when we’ve fallen so deep and questioned if we could boost ourselves up.

And guess what? You can overcome too.

2# You are getting smarter, braver and wiser


No matter what life challenges you, you will excel it like a champion. You will notice the end of the tunnel and the ray of optimism. 

When life challenges you, you challenge in return. 

Show that you are brave.

Display that you are wise

Act that you are smart.

Hard time will pass, and you will bounce back with greater spirit and threaten anyone who tries to break you.

3# Enjoy the life-ride

As I always say, don't forget to smile. 

Life is beautiful, and it's up to you how you shape it best.

It's your character that makes you whole and completes your life.

You are the pilot of your flight, not anyone else.

When you start to enjoy the ride, you will mark nothing is unlikely.

Keep a smile and enjoy the life.


If today, you face any hurdle in life and want to overcome?

Remember: You can do amazing things when you decide to get strong.

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lovely words,

upvoted and followed


Thank you. I will follow you back.

Encouraging words!! Thank you so much.


thank you for your encouragement.

Its true we are being of infinite possibillities and realities we just have to wake up from the slavery we've been placed in through media, customs, racism, wars, and all other methods used to keep us down Great Article


I'm glad you find it useful.


nicely said!

People may say: 'oh you are so strong - so brave'. But really, what choice do we have? Life goes on and the next day starts whether you like it or not. It isn't always courage or bravity. It is exsisting.


Yeah sure. It's existing.
But, existing often driven from you and the courage you display.
It's part of our choice and attitude.
and attitude for existing, as you rightly said.

Thanks for sharing this 🙏🏻


Im glad you liked it ☺



Very nice post ;) Thank you for sharing self empowering words :)


Thank you!
I see the same in your poetry. Keep them flowing for me to read :)

Hello thank you for this information


Thank you @mars9! I always like the topic you choose to pen down and post here.

WISDOM 100%!!! Nice to meet you here! upvoted & followed dear @uday625


Of course, im following you. I like the art you fabricating.

Im glad to meet you.
Which country are you from?


Thanks @uday625. I come from Chile...and You?


I come from India. Currently live in USA, for work. I must visit Chile once then


Nice! The wise India! should!


I will. Will be in touch here anyway. Will plan. 👍


Yessssss! A pleasure @uday625