How Safe You Are From Hacking And Cyber Attacks? What Can You Do?

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"The only person who is going to give you security and the life you want- YOU." Robert Kiyosaki

You must have seen Mr. Robot and the learned few tricks about hacking. It's as intriguing as dangerous. I meant, the hacking part of it.

It appears fascinating when ones get into someone's computer through the back door and rob all of their data. 

And, that's no so cool.

The cyber security enterprise is growing at a rapid speed. The more specialists join the strings; more malware is being launched every day.

According to this statistic, 230,000, new malware samples/day. 


You can imagine how vulnerable we are?

Here is the fact.

Cybercrime, committed globally added up to hundred of billions of dollars! And, these money comes from us. Don't think the government pays for this.

Total cost of cyber crime in 2015 in 7 countries

Source: 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Study:

What is my Risk?

As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can be a potential victim of cyber attacks. And, that's your risk. Take it or leave it. 

But, guess what?

We all are. You are not an exception to this. 

Be it in mobile or laptop. We are an open book to the attacker. If we don't protect our gadget with measured security, our data can be compromised.

Taking a clip from Mr. Robot

I'm keep coming back to Mr. Robot, to give an example how high the attack can take place. If you haven't watched it, you must. 

So, is the threat real?

Yes, it is.

I will put the threat into two categories.

Category one-  In this type, a computer is used to attack another computer via hacks, virus attack, DOS attack, and so on. 

Category two- The computer is used as a weapon to commit a real world crimes like cyber terrorism, identity theft, credit card frauds, etc. 

We all now aware of the recent cyber attack in London. Check this out

Highly skilled attackers can get hold of personal information and can carry out a potential theft, which can cause monetary or reputation loss. 

What can you do? 

Take measure.

Taking measure from your end doesn't guarantee that your digital identity and belongings will be safe, but it adds extra protection from the attacker to get into your private life. 

1# Password protection

Make sure you form your password with all the possible combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols, which are difficult to decode. And, don't share your password with anyone.

It happened, here, in Steemit. 


We? @noisy & @lukmarcus

Careful with your credential and never save it in a place from where it can be easily tracked. 

2# Public WI-FI

Usage of public wifi often creates the back door without our knowledge. 

You must check to ensure the credibility of the wifi before using it.

3# Two-factor authentication.

I use it. Very useful. And, I recommend you to enable it for all your appropriate applications.

Two-factor authentication requires you to enter the verification code, which will be sent to your mobile via SMS before being able to log on to any online account. It creates the other musk of your security.

#4 Keep a close check of your data

As I said, no matter what, you can be hacked at any time. Keeping a close look at your data, especially financial data will give you more control. 

Any anomaly you notice in your financial record, you should report out immediately.


That's my take and tips and tricks. Do share what you think on this topic in the comment below.

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Definitely use 2FA on any website that offers it! It may seem like a pain, but you're really gonna be more secure by using it


I agree with you. It does really help in a way to secure your credential.

Great post. But watch out with SMS 2FA! So called "Sim Swaps" happen very often. Many providers will give you a new SIM card if you can tell "your" name, "your" number and "your" date of birth... It's more safe to use Google authenticator app and lock your phone with a code, so nobody can acces it as soon as you lose your phone!


I use Google Authenticator app for most of my app. Now, that I'm into Cryptocurrency, I needed this more. Do you also use it for all these apps or just regular email and financial sites?


Just for everything ;-)


Got it. Yeah, its definitely way forward

Hello Friend Good information


Hello friend. Thank you!

Hackers are so bad :(