Relationship Between Happiness, Reverence And Work

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A straightforward question…. What is the meaning of happiness? A few will say the party is happiness, well! We can expect similar answers like drinking, hiking, swimming, etc. in a nutshell we can say that anything that we love to do is happiness. Think of a situation in which your job is similar to the activity that you like the most, in that case; you will be the most satisfied employee. A survey conducted concluded that there are only 12.34% people in the world who are doing the job of their interest and others are doing jobs of someone others interest, and most of us are doing those jobs that we hate the most. In that scenarios how can we expect happiness?

Happiness is not the thing that you will get from somewhere else; it is a thing that you have to find from inside of yours. In most of the cases we are in a dilemma and out of 2 unfavorable stuff we have to choose one, and when we decide if we begin to incur conflicts with that job, but if we consider it seriously, try to make it a habit, create interest in it then that work will be a cup of cake for us. Now the thing is how to generate interest in the sapless job, that we hate the most?

The answer is #REVERENCE. Happiness is connected with reverence. There are two things one is #RESPECT other is #REVERENCE. Respect means venerate others, but admiration is a word which has more profound meaning, it is an emotion that is superior to respect. For example, we recognize our elders, and there are very few within them whom we revere. We do not admire all those we appreciate and that is a fact. In our daily life we often quarrel with someone we like a lot, it may happen that we find faults in those whom we respect, but people that we revere are beyond that spectrum, we accept them the way they are. This is a clear-cut indication of #FAITH. So faith is one more gem in your pocket which decides your interest in work and which forces you daily to go for it and to make you believe that whatever you are doing holds a practical significance.

Not talking about the person you like, but if you created reverence for your work, is it possible that you find your work disinteresting? I mean reviewing it every day, cleaning your workspace daily, organizing your work, thinking about it to complete with logic, it will be similar to worship, and while doing it daily we are actually performing an act of religion, and our life becomes a prayer, and the workplace becomes a #TEMPLE. Think about this! You will be mesmerized.

Now the next thing is decision making while doing your work…. Should I purchase this share or should I sale that one…. Daily we came across choices, where we have to make a decision. Our decisions are based on #MENTAL INTELLENGENCE and #EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Well! Talking on strict terms, Mental intelligence alone can never lead you to your goal at a swift pace, deciding by your brain plainly merely is like a royal order which says to run chariots through the streets no matters what else gets crushed underneath. On the other hand, deciding on the basis of your emotional intelligence can put you in dire situations, my friends! Think of a job that you see a wounded man and just the moment when you look at blood you fainted. Now tell me who is going to take care of that injured man and who is going to take care of you, in a certain sense you are jeopardizing his life as well as yours. So the conclusion is while making a crucial decision maintains a balance between your mental as well as emotional intelligence.

Last but not the least I would like to talk about a misconception. Whenever in our home someone says about doing work we merely tell WHY ME? But ironically whenever our father tells about a reward we say WHY NOT ME? So there is uncertainty, there is a misconception, and that is to choose whether to say yes to work or no? But remember before saying YES what the long-term consequences are? If they are positive then never hesitate to say yes otherwise merely refuse.


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