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There is a misconception regarding the word “spiritualism”, people visualize this word as Yoga, Meditation, Tyaga and some other practices, they consider it as it is something out of the world, but in actuality, it exists inside of everyone. Since this concept is unknown to us people even dupe us by creating misconceptions about it and squeeze our hard earn money from us. Like the way, many yoga and meditation centers talk about spiritualism but I guarantee they don’t even know the basic meaning of it. Spiritualism is not a thing that can be achieved by putting you in perpetual pain or by renunciation everything. I would like to explain it by taking an instance from the life of Buddha. Upon returning home after attaining knowledge his wife asked Buddha “you left us all alone, was it not possible to attain this knowledge at home”. In return Buddha replied “during these 12 years of meditation I learned that this knowledge can be achieved by sitting anywhere else. So everything is crystal clear that to attain spiritualism no harsh steps are required.

In today’s time, spiritualism can be achieved by doing the work that you like the most. Now the question arises how is that possible? Quite simple, when you do something by heart it takes you to the next level; it cuts you off from this materialistic world, the only word which can define this blissful moment is Spiritualism. One there is only one hurdle along the way that is how to find out what your competence is? The answer is “Conscience.” One should have the spiritual awareness to see an opportunity coming. Nature always gives you chances to explore your talents. Let me explain this with the help of an instance from the life of Charlie Chaplin. His mother was a theater singer. She sang to make both ends meet. Once she was assigned a job, but due to a sore throat she was unable to sing properly, everyone in the theater shouted and displayed their anger, but that was the time when the most beautiful artist in the world got a chance to display his talent, unaware of the fact and his acting skills he started singing, people begin to throw coins on the stage, at once he stopped singing and rushed collecting the coins and again started singing again people threw coins, and he did the same, this amazed the audience, and within a single night he made himself a great celebrity even in a single day. Now the question is, what if he refused that invitation from nature? The answer is clear; we won’t be able to see such a great piece of artistic work.

So, in the end, I would like to conclude that spiritualism can’t be attained by attending religious lessons, it is something which can be achieved by following your dreams, by doing something that you are best at, which can give a positive effect in the lives of others. Spiritualism is not a job nor is it a process it is merely a result, a result of “you watching you.” To remain in touch with self and trying to rediscover self again and again like the same way a seed forms a tree, a tree forms a fruit and fruit again creates a seed and the process of refinement continues.

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Om namah shivay!

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