Conquering Fear

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Greed, jealousy, and hate are three main evils in the life of a human being which hinders its path from further development, Along with that #Fear is something which can bring us to many positions down, no matter how better you are on your spot. Fear alone is enough to squeeze out every single achievement a man could think of. Most of the religious intellectuals believe that there is always an alternative to any problem, like greed can be overcome by benevolence, like the same way overwhelming philanthropy can overcome hate, but there is nothing which can counterbalance fear, so tackling it is something complicated. It occupies so much in you that it lefts so less for you.

One of the main teachings of Buddhism is #KARUNA which means ‘ sympathy for others’, it also means ‘sparing a life,’ if thought another way it also means compassion, every explanation is possible only if one is fearless enough to pardon, spare and to practice compassion. Buddhism also preaches #AHIMSA which means, and along with a fearless mind, one can become a true hero who can touch the heart of millions. Like the same way, Mahaveer himself is a figure of fearlessness. His naked statues depict his level of fearlessness, his level of renouncement of worldly pleasures, pains, sorrows. It explains to us about that state of mind when our body is physically here but mentally at another level which is the true essence of fearlessness. Some of us will think that only a madman can do this, but it takes immense effort to forge someone that way.

There is a very narrow spectrum which differentiates bravery, dare-deviltry, and fearlessness. A Daredevil is someone who does things without knowing its consequences, like the someway an innocent child may hold a snake in such case he will never be considered a brave or a fearless person because he is unaware of it and its consequences, a brave is someone who gives a tremendous display of his courage by making self-vulnerable, but fearlessness means conquering the fear of getting defeated no matters your opponent wins or looses. We all have experienced once or more in our life that even after winning our soul remains lost on the other hand the one who is defeated looks contended, it's because they have learned to defeat self they know they tried there best and they still have got room for improvement, which makes them flexible enough to gain more skill in future and come out with flying colours. Like I told you about the three evils in the life of a human being that are Greed, hatred, and Jealousy. One who is greedy can't be fearless because all the time he is busy thinking of his personal fulfillment, like the same way One who hates others, how can he love himself and defeat himself, same is true in case of a jealous person, he has got no room for acceptance and improvement. So the crux remains the same that is to become fearless we need to conquer these three evils from inside.

At the end of the day, one must not forget the fact that the thing we need the more, that we want to possess makes us to go hard for it, it makes us to struggle for it, at that point of time we start taking risks. #Risk is something which opens up our hidden talents. History has witnessed numerous risk-takers, what if Columbus has not set himself for America, what if Niel Armstrong had refused for a moon ride? One thing must be kept in mind that one who is reluctant of taking risks and defeating self he should not hanker after success.

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Greed can be overcome by contentment and hate by self love while fear can only be overcome by an understanding of who you are.

you are right. :)