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In my previous post, I discussed few noteworthy points on the consumption of water. Today I would like to share a piece of information which I received from my friend who is a doctor in PGIMR (Chandigarh). When we talk about edible foodstuff, then Carbonated Beverages are the indispensable part of it. For few, it is as important as water. Joseph Priestley who has invented the carbonated water in 1767 made us quandary if we appraise the benefits and losses caused by carbonated beverages on our health. Every coin has got two sides like the same way this context has got two aspects, and there are merits as well as demerits. Sometimes it may be beneficial and some others it may be obnoxious. I don’t think if the majority of us know about the harmful effects of aerated drinks. In this post, I would like to present a clear-cut picture of pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide when it is harmful and when it is useful.

Benefits of Carbonated water

Its quite clear carbonated beverages contain a high sugar content which is not good for our health yet soda can be consumed which has zero sugar content or we can choose a similar drink which has a lower caloric value.

Taking soda water can be as useful as taking plain water, but in summers when our body dehydrates a lot of compensation is best done by soda. So don’t forget to add Lemonade in summers but made in soda water.

Many of us suffer from the problem of constipation, for that soda is a boon, consuming soda can alleviate the problem of constipation, and it improves your apatite
It’s the best beverage to flush out your gallbladder which in turn makes you an inch away from gallstones.

Similarly, it can be useful in dealing with minor kidney stones because it generates urine in bulk which helps to flush your track.

For those who are planning for weight reduction can take plain soda it will give you a feeling of fulfillment which will make you to eat less….. Well! I think it is a good way to fool self.
Harmful effects of carbonated water.

A simple bottle of cold drink contains that amount of sugar that you can’t consume at a time if it is taken in the form of raw sugar, so just before consuming a full bottle of cold drink just imagine yourself of taking four tablespoons of sugar at a time.

Taking sweetened beverages can cause weight gain especially at butts and thighs, keep in mind your physique while overloading yourself with the cold drink.
If you take cold drinks daily then it can be an alarming situation for you, it can cause nonalcoholic fatty liver which can become a serious ailment in future.


Soft drinks contain Phosphorus which removes Calcium from our bones, and it can decrease Bone density….. Well! Everyone needs strong bones no one would like to have a wafer-like bone.
Soft drinks are acidic in nature it can even cause tooth erosion…. Imagine yourself without your lower jaw…. I don’t think if anyone will like to imagine so.

These are few points which a layperson can easily understand, now its all up to us what to do? I think there should always be a limit of everything like the same way the consumption should be maintained. In the end, it is our body which will help us to achieve our dreams then why to overburden it with such stuff.


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