How to be strong focus

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How to be strong focus

Methods of strengthening focus

The power of focus is very important for a person to think in a logical and useful way, especially if he or she is a student at the school or university, a responsible manager or an employee who needs to concentrate and be present, so people must learn ways to keep his mind alert at all times, High concentration, enabling him to think, analyze and make appropriate decisions without recklessness.

  • Take the same deep: oxygen is very important to keep the brain relaxed, enjoy a high concentration, make thinking more logical and clear, away from superficial and naive.

  • Meditation Practice: Meditation works to awaken logical thoughts, increase concentration, and improve the level of memory.

  • Walking and exercise: Walking expels negative cargoes from the body. Sports also increase relaxation and secretion of hormones that stimulate positive thinking and increased concentration. Exercise also increases breathing, oxygen to the blood and increased concentration.

  • Learn new skills and practice favorite hobbies: learning new things, stimulating brain work, increasing concentration, inspiring new ideas, and practicing hobbies like painting, for example, helps meditation that increases concentration.

  • Drink tea and coffee moderately: Caffeine in tea and coffee, increases the concentration of the brain, and the ease of ordering ideas, and stimulates logical thinking.

  • Eliminating Stress and Anxiety: Anxiety and tension distract distraction and make thinking illogical, so all causes of stress and anxiety should be eliminated as much as possible to increase concentration of mind.

  • Sitting in mild heat in summer and winter: Experts say that warming in the environment distracts concentration, makes thinking somewhat difficult, and that the cold atmosphere helps focus more, and urges the correct thinking.

  • Non-stress of the body: Stress and fatigue are a major cause of distraction of the mind, so it is necessary that the body takes a sufficient amount of rest.

  • Sitting in a quiet place: The nuisance is the enemy of the first focus, so sitting in quiet, chatter-free places and many districts of ideas, works to strengthen focus and ensure smooth flow of ideas.

  • Training the inner mind on the collection of ideas and deep focus: This is done through the inspirations and self-talk with the self, and training the mind on internal programming and deep concentration, whatever the circumstances.

  • Preserving blood power Anemia is a cause of distraction and not logical formulation of thoughts because of the imbalance, dizziness, and dizziness caused by the inability of the body to gather its strength and concentrate well.

  • Proper nutrition: nutritious eating, full of vitamins and minerals, activates the mind, purifies the mind, increases the strength of concentration, because the healthy mind in the body is healthy.

By Atika Albourini


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