Welcome to the Human Kindness Project - A positive newsfeed on Steem - Intro and Rules to qualify

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Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about kindness and started the hashtag RAK (random acts of kindness). A lot of people reacted very positively to it and that got me thinking... I decided to create a new account (@humankindness) which purpose will be to group and showcase all of the beautiful stories about the kindness around te world published on the Steem blockchain. And I would love for you to be a part of it! Just keep reading :)

This is the logo I developed for the account, I hope you like it!


To start things off, I want to share a little bit of background as to why I started this project. It all started when I got to know the term FUD a couple of months ago. Before I started making my way through the crypto-sphere I had never heard of it. Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Now that I know the term, it comes up in my head quite a lot, especially when I look at the news on TV or hear it on the radio. If you want to believe Big Media it seems like the whole world is falling apart and everything is going wrong. Or, at least that’s what they are making you see and listen to, over and over again. It isn’t that weird that most people start taking this so-called-truth for a reality and are becoming so brainwashed that they turn this overly negative world view into their own truth, into how they think the world actually operates. This has a huge impact on your daily life and on the world all together. When I watched this TED talk by Shaun Achor I knew there was a huge problem with the way we consume negative news all of the time.


I absolutely think that Steemit is the perfect platform to change all of this. Together we are stronger. Let the world know that no matter where you are living on this planet, you can tell a story that shows how kind a human can be. Write a post about something kind that you have experienced in your life recently. Tag it with #RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) and the @humankindness account will upvote your post and hopefully a lot of others will follow. My goal is simple: to create a positive newsfeed on Steem, so that if people are down or just want to get inspired they can read through all of the beautiful RAK stories on @humankindness and start their day in a positive way.


  1. Follow @humankindess

  2. Write a genuine post about something kind that has happened to you, the more recent the better! Document with a couple of photos (they don’t have to be professional at all) and if you really don’t have any, that’s fine as well!

  3. Write the title of your post according to this format:
    PART ONE: The Human Kindness Project (always use these exact words)
    PART TWO: Country (where did it happen?)
    PART THREE: Title (short description)

    Example of a complete title:

    The Human Kindness Project - Mexico - Thanks to a stranger I got my wallet back

    Please, please make sure you use this format, it will give a clear overview for the reader and will have a bigger impact on the Steem blockhain if every title is written in the same way. People who will see a title like this will know that when they click on it, it will brighten their day.

The link below is a perfect example of an incredible RAK story (yours does not have to be this crazy, it can also be about a very small gesture, but it really shows how kind humans can be) and it brought tears to my eyes:

Lets make the #RAK tag a trending tag on Steemit.

Imagine this as the biggest anti-FUD campaign ever and show what we are capable of as humans!


I am only a minnow on Steem, but I really believe in the potential of this platform. I'll contribute to this account as much as I can time-wise (I also have delegated 500SP to it), if there is anyone else who wants to delegate to this project and help it grow, you can find me on discord (toocurious) to talk about it. The core of @humankindness will always be about trying to change the worldview on humankind and support projects that attempt to do so. The transparency of the Steem blockchain will showcase just that!

If you want to get to know more about me, you can:
Follow my personal blog on @toocurious
Follow my travel blog about our hostel on wheels on @letsbenomads

All the best!

PS: Please post the link of your #rak story in the comment section.


Great news! I'd be using #RAK from now on.

Now this is something that actually deserves to be in the trending section.

This is a really great idea and a welcome change to to fake news.

Let nobody at any point come to you without leaving better and more joyful. Be the living demeanor of God's graciousness: thoughtfulness in your face, consideration in your eyes, benevolence in your grin.


Supplications' friends and family and the whole family. Dwight's quality and elegance will keep on serving as motivation to his fans and numerous all the more well past the Bay Area people group.

Suggestion - you might want to adjust your verbiage in this statement.

it has a lot of negative words strung together which creates dissidence in your message. For something to be true or believed there needs to be coherence between words, tone, and intention.

Let nobody at any point come to you without leaving

"nobody", "at any point", "without", "leaving".

An example of an affirmative statement could be: Let everyone that comes to you feel better and more joyful.

Now, if your intention is to confuse people by mixing a positive and negative then I am sorry for the misplaced suggestion.

My grade school did this back in the early / mid 90's - weekly awards went to students and teachers - wicked cool project you've started.

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Nice project, its a candid way to help and I think I have a better idea... Why no upvote someone in need instead of upvoting people that don´t really need the money? I know a lot of great steemians, good people with college grades and making great content that really could use the upvote for food, clothes or medicine. That´s a real act of kindness and you will help good people that fight everyday against hunger, sickness and tirany in the hell that became my country.
Please, don´t think I´m asking an upvote for myself I´m just trying to help, please, think about it, instead of publicizing acts of kindness, just do them by yourself.
I hope you read this.

I love your reply to this....
Let the act of kindness begin from there... IMG_20180617_184934.jpg

I get what you are saying, however I think this way we can encourage people to think about the times they were helped by someone and maybe take action in helping someone else. The person who gets helped will maybe help another person etc.. Sort of a ripple effect. If you read a lot of stories about people who are helping others, you might get inspired to do the same and I believe this way the whole project can have a wider impact :)

Maybe, but that´s not sure. Now think about this, if every dolphin or whale in steemit use 1 daily upvote in a GOOD post from a ramdon minnow from let´s say... Venezuela, Don´t you think that it will have a wider effect?
Do you really thing that there is a better way to do right things other than actually doing them? Talking about how someone help another instead of helping is imho useless. People learn by example, you could tell a million tales about kindness but if noone practice it, noone will follow.

Sure, I would love for every dolphin or whale to do just that, my intention is that through creating this account they might get inspired by reading many RAK stories from around the world and actually start doing something themselves like for example upvoting posts from people who need it and bring quality to the platform. It is very hard to reach them, but let's say they see a whole trending page full of stories about good deeds, one of them might start something big. That would be amazing no? This project is about changing the focus onto helping others.

Hope it works...

Great idea and very inspiring! This platform has more potencial that one can ever imagine. Be sure @toocurious , #RAK will be trending. And people will see there is much of the better-side-of-humanity all around.

Human-Upvoted, and following.


I love this idea! I've written a post about one moment that really stands out in my memory as a true #rak. I hope you enjoy it :) I only wish I had some pictures to go with it! https://steemit.com/life/@maracuja/the-human-kindness-project-germany-strangers-helped-me-catch-my-flight-home

Thank you for participating, this is a perfect example!!! More, more, more :)

this is awesome, trust me, this is one of the reasons I joined steemit. Discussing about life issues. this is interesting. I even had to reference you @toocurious in my first post on introduceyourself section. Check it out @ablefield. I'm following you immediately. I love this

Thanks for sharing! Great #RAK!

Surprise there is a humanitarian project, I fully support your project may Allah repay your kindness with the reward of goodness in the afterlife one day surviving, fighting for the sake of humanity

Please, please make sure you use this format, it will give a clear overview for the reader and will have a bigger impact on the Steem blockhain if every title is written in the same way. People who will see a title like this will know that when they click on it, it will brighten their day.

rất hay, bạn đã giúp tôi có hy vọng trên steemit. tôi sẽ cố gắng để được như bạn

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Yes you did, just use RAK, thanks for sharing

Thanks! I don't see it when I search the feed using that tag, so I wasn't sure.

I liked the idea of this project man, can I use this to describe how a friend recently commited suicide and what my life has been since I lost her? :(

Hi, sounds pretty devastating what you are going through. I definitely think this platform can be a good outlet for your story, but this hashtag is about the kindness of humans, maybe you can remember a nice story about something kind this friend has done for you or others?

Woah ! excited for this project

full on positivity


Yes i wil share an incident which was done on me

nice initiative


Great initiative! I'm really happy to see this kind of projects on Steemit! I want to participate too. I'll keep reading you.

I like your plan

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

love this project!

@toocurious Can i purchase and delegate some steem power to earn more here on steem platform ?

positive initiative

Many thanks for this project

Great post!

Me gusta tu proyecto, siempre estamos enfocados en las cosas malas que ocurren en el mundo y esto nos hace mirar hacia lo bueno. Me recuerda la pelicula cadena de favores. Exito

I'll keep an eye out on it and am eager to see how it evolves. Good luck!

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Great post, It is really helpful. Keep up your good work.

Woah !cool!

@tocante tienes todo mi apoyo.

its a very good project, we will stand right along with you

Okay, great. I shall reply properly later.

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Your initiative is indeed very appreciable. But it's sorry to say that these days the more the era is getting modern and mobile the more kindness and humanity among people is lessening.
Being kind we can bring a smile on other's face which is heavenly but nowadays people like to be self centered.
So let's think twice and take steps to be kind and humane. It's really essential in human life.

I will soon write a post writing a story of kindness. #RAK.

awesome blog ,wake people.

Okay, great, I shall make a post later

please up vote me i will up vote u

Cheers for sharing this!
This is the content I'm passionate about 💖

Que buena iniciativa

dear help to strangers. hope u understand

https://steemit.com/@toocurious Welcome This post is very nice and excelletbutterflies-3524415__340.jpg

This is quit interesting.

Love your idea. that's right we do become negative by watching so much negative on TV whether it is news or TV dramas all show or spread some negativity.. i will just start following your other account and will surely share a kind story. Thanks but i can't find your other account. @humankindness

That's strange, because if I click on the @humankindness account in your comment I end up at my account, so just try that ;)

We love this initiative anyway to spread love and kindness to our fellow humans gets a super thumbs up. Thank you for being a great example and for paving the way for the rest of us to follow suite. #rak

Nice work brother its a great work done by you for everyone.

Excellent post thanks for sharing......../