Why you should speak up — even when it’s difficult

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Let me ask you a question.

You ever had that moment where you had a nice strong voice with your best friend.

But when you were talking to an authority figure, like your boss, your voice became weak?

It felt like each word was 10x harder to say?

Yep, I'm sure you have.

You my friend, had a soft voice.

The voice is a very unique thing in this world.

Most beings have 2 things in common:

the breath & the voice

Your voice is what allows you to communicate your ideas & emotions.

It serves as the invisible bridge between you & the external world.

So when the voice softens, it has more effects than you can imagine.

Not only does a soft voice hurt your self esteem, it also indicates to the other person that you have low self esteem.

Now, all soft voice people don't have self esteem, I know that.

Some people have a medical condition known as vocal paralysis which softens their voice.

But if you know you don't fall into that boat, then it's your duty to strengthen the vocal muscle.

But before you do, you have to understand a few things about the voice.

Your voice gives direct insight into your mindset.

Remember the earlier situation where your voice softened around an authority figure?

That happened because you assigned yourself as the lower social valued party in the interaction.

You ever talked to a little kid?

Picture conversing with your little cousin.

You have a nice, strong, radiant voice.

That's because in this scenario, you have assigned yourself as the HIGHER social valued party.

Your perception of yourself will dictate the power behind your voice.

Whenever you are nervous, feeling self conscious or doubting yourself, your voice will indicate that.

Not doing anything about it is going to continue to lower your value in social situations.

But guess what!


Your issue can be fixed!

A weak voice is like a weak muscle.

When you are lifting weights for the first time, I'm sure you are pretty shaky with the lifting process.

But overtime, you have well structured & coordinated movements.

Same thing with the voice.

Remember how I said your voice will give direct insight into your mentality?


Well, your body can INFLUENCE your mentality.

So if your voice is softening up, then check your body language.

Make sure you don't have your shoulders scrunched up, chin lowered & back hunched.

Rather, stand up straight, raise your chin & peel your shoulder back.

Allow your breath to flow out of you. Don't restrict it champ.

This sudden change in body language will lead to an alerted mentality.

A stronger voice will follow.

But if you want to take you want to take it a level further, then begin recording yourself & listening back to it.

It will be super cringe at first.

Trust me, I know...

But overtime, you will bring AWARENESS to strong parts & weak parts of your voice.

Simply making yourself aware of the weak parts with your conscious mind will signal to you subconscious mind on which areas to fix.

Overtime, a confident voice will follow.

It's things like this that will impact your social status.

Even if you are lower social status to someone (ex: your mentor) you can't carry yourself like it.

You need to carry yourself like a confident winner.

Which is why you need a coach to help you fine tune your movements & BUILD your social presence.

A social presence that attracts winners, not repels them.

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