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January to April were kind of ordinary. May was so magical. It was a happy month for me.

Actually, I’m my opinion I thought it was the month were it would all begin but I got it a little wrong. June was a blessing where it actually began and it got grounded in July. That was infact my birthday.


August happened so fast and then came September. September seemed a bit depressing and discouraging at first but it turned out well at the end.

I thank God for the life He has given me. No matter how tough it seemed not once did I have the Evil Urge.

The most amazing gift I have received since January till now is the gift of Life. It is not by my power or might but I find myself seeing each day pass by as if it was my first. I feel fresh and good to go for some million more years. 😁

As the popular saying goes, when there is life, there is hope. I am hopeful for even more amazing years ahead. I wish you all the same good tidings as I beat.

Peace be unto you all.

Happy new month!



Clearly, you did have - and submit to - the “evil urge,” as per your getting busted for plagerism here. Reference my comments on your most recent post for full details.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but bullshit must be called out - especially when you fooled me into supporting it for as long as you did.

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