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Have you ever been lost in different thoughts. I am at the moment feeling that anxiety and simultaneous depression. How does that even match.

So about September, it has been a tough time seriously. My house was burgled and my I lost properties. This firstly is happening at a very wrong time. Not at the moment when steem is in need of great resuscitation.


I have been chasing a particular trend for quite sometime now. This trend proved furtile at the long run, but maybe it actually is not the long run just as at when I thought it was.

I got myself thinking, ‘are you really in this series of uninteresting stories.’ I don’t wish to rant but I’m losing my mind.... so bad. I wish there were some kind of more preferable way to express what’s deep inside me, like some sort of mindography

The decision was so damp
As cold as it could be
After a long run
It finally came through
It is worthy when it is prompt
Anything less is off value
It came when I was not waiting on it
It didn’t really get my mind deep
I wish it did actually
Not all gifts are valued after all.....
The presence contains a neighbor
No one really wants to be contested
Drop upon me this issue
Or do I remain on a low
What if the odd one gets to know
Is that not doom

Infact who really cares to read through these my posts though.... don’t forget you have cheetah behind your back. Funny how things can so get mixed up though. It’s all my fault to take.... u accept responsibility. It’s for an even better experience.

I need to get some sleep. I’ll continue on this dilemma some time soon. It may actually be in the next post, one never really know.

Stay blessed



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