Where Is Humanity! Had We Lost Our Self!

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The Humanity has lost his way badly !

Some Facts About Life!

I have researched on different things in my life i a a banker daily i deal with thousands of people i always had conversation with different type of people and i have got different results from different people!

If you want help some thousand people you will get help from now one and if you want and idea from some one you will get free ideas from many people which will be worth less only will drag you toward the failure side!

I have seen in my any people nature that when you want to talk to them for something very important they will say they have no free time for your work.

For Example:

If you say a student that go and do some work for you or go to market and bring something so he will not listen to you and he will reply to you that he is not free he need to study but the same student will waste so much of the time with video games laptop Movies !

Think Of Others Who Need Us!


  • Like wise if someone want help from you an ask you for $1 help from you it look too much for you to help that person withe the one USD but if you want to go to a restaurant its nothing for you if you want to go for a shopping its nothing for you and you will spend thousand of dollars but you have not 1 USD for a needy poor person to help him and he will have to feed himself hardly for one time?

Respect Everyone:

  • We only like to make relation with the people who are with our standard that is very common these days and we have no links with the lower class if you just consider one thing that you are local person Do not you want to make relation with the rich person is that not your dream to have a relative rich and with high class?

i think if you are good and you are nice to someone that would make you a very great person goodness is something which define you value and which will make you alive and famous in this world


Humanity lost its way when Adam took a bite of the apple.

Humanity lost
Its way when Adam took a
Bite of the apple.

                 - popran

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