Self Living Is Not A Way To Live A Life

in #life2 years ago

A person who live in a palace Do not know the life of a person who life in a cage or the modest person life he do not feel the pain of the person who is living in the very painfull life he should see those who want him also!

As He has the ability to live in a palace so he should be able to keep 100 of people with him of Job in that palace and should take care of them in many aspects of life!


What i believe when God give you a life with weath you should Not be over Joy you should see those people below you who are not rich like you who are poor than you and they need you in there life and who need your help always and you help then and you took them with you and you give a help to them when they need you the most in there life that is the way of Living that is what a real person and a good person is It's a life of a person who want to be a good person in the life it's not a truth that you just live a life like a selfish person that he think that i make for my self .


Making for self is not the success making for others and self is something good and real making that is the real goal of life and people will believe in your success also!

Wealth Is not something you can save its something when you share with others who need it it will become more for you and if you want to become greedy to others it will become shrink and it will be end one day and you will feel alone in this world and you will found no one close to you every body will hate you at the end and you will feel alone at the end of the day!


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