Never Disappoint From Life Probelms

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You will get very disappointed at the time when you are needy and you found no one close to you and no one to help you out with your problems.

That is the very sad moment in the life when you live for others and they leave you at the time when you need them the most.

I personal experience this with my family members that I have to live a life for others and I help other people always but when I was needing I was feeling lonely.


I was very stressful that time when I have seen someone and they were in the problems and I try to solve the problems always but when I got the problem I have found no one close to me so that was very disappointing moment for everyone that you live for others and they leave you and the time you need the most but it is curious that what makes them do like this.

My life is very simple that I have helped people with different ways like a student need me. I have give my time to the student and I try to teach them assignments. As a banker I always like to teach free classes to the Management Science students and I like to help them out with your problems in different subject related to the Banking.I always help my friends who need an internship as a graduated recently I took him to my bank and my owner give them internship to make their life start in a good way.

What is not working normal that in Pakistan you will never get help from the seniors I was graduated I have never got internship by my seniors support I give money to the politician to give a job to myself.

When I have found that you will get a job with like you will buy it for yourself that is not a good way that when you waste your time in studies and different things and in the end you will have to pay for the job as well so that is really unbelievable time in my life but I have pause that time now I see other different problems coming to me in a very different ways


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