Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love in My Tummy ♥️

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One of the best things in Bali is the amazing choices of food we have here- EVERY SINGLE DAY. 🌸🍨

Doesn't that look inviting peeps? And hey, it's vegan!!! ✔️

To be enjoyed @cratecafe in Canggu at Batu Belong. 🇮🇩🌴☀️

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That looks like a big pink candle melted by the intense summer heat of Bali. 😁 🌴 🌞

It's soooooo delicious man. The best thing I ever had... almost lol

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Hi @ Tinadahmen (blue) ! is so nice and interesting ! what is this!

It's Dragonfruit - Chia Seed Pudding :-)

Bon Appetit !

What kind of place is Bali? Did you like Bali?

Merci beaucoup! :)

Enjoy and have a great day! What is in your opinion the best thing about Bali?

Thanks! :-) It's the entrepreneurial community and the healthy food choices we have over here! :)

Make me one haha :)

Come here and I will :)

Haha, I might. Someone should set up a steem event in Bali! 😂