Life, Calculus, and Pokemon

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So I've been gone a little while

It turns out life gets kinda, well lifey ...

In the past couple of months my attention has been focused on finishing my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration so that I can apply to Cal-Poly Pomona. This means finishing my undergraduate calculus class (which requires quite a bit of my focus).

In addition to calculus, I have been spending time with my now two year old son, William, who is growing like a little weed and requires attention every time his daddy touches the computer keyboard :)


Participating in the World Outside my Apartment

"There is life outside your apartment" -Avenue Q

What's left of my focus after academia and family has gone to Ingress and Pokemon ... I have volunteered for a critical role in the upcoming anomaly "Cassandra Prime" in San Diego, California and am also working on "A Mythical Discovery" (the quest for Mew) in Pokemon Go.

So, as you can see, between practicing differentials, integrals, and curveballs as well as caring for a wonderful toddler, life is a bit busy for remembering to keep up on posting.


Feel free to inspire me

If you're a reader of my blog, you know what I love to talk about! Ask questions, I will do my best to spend some time answering them! I still invest in cryptocurrency, cook, garden, prep, and many other interesting things!


Happy to see that you are still alive mate XD. And good luck with the little one i hope that Terrible 2 is not too (pun intended heheheh) terrible hahaha xD.


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