Learn to face the change in life🤓

in life •  last year

Changing the face can never change anything,
facing the change can change everything.
So be strong and learn to face the hardships of life with strong heart.
The most you get hit harder to the ground the more you get chance to bouncer higher towards the sky.

Have a great day guys


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One of the first things I woke up to this morning. Seriously, thank you. I needed to see this. I've had a rough couple of weeks, and this is one of the reasons why.


Tough time ma are part of life. Be strong rough time wont stay longer. Stay blessed

Great point. Toxic relationships are, well, toxic. Sometimes we hang out with people who don't bring the best of us just because we are afraid to say no or enough. But it's necessary, for our own peace and happiness. Thanks for sharing :)

Yes, true. Have a fun..

@tim0900 yes your right every body have to face there problem and learn from there problem need to learn facing with pepoles to survie in this world I'm also doing this meet up with new pepole and learm from them and also trying to face my problems 😊✌


Thats the best thing to do @farhanali
Keep it up
And best wishes for u

Thanks for the motivational post.. Keep it up and have a great day too


Thank you so much

nice post nice content!


Thank u so much

Good advice, have to follow it indeed 😎

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