My experience in cultivating ' Oyster mushroom ' inside my room

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There are around 70,000 species of mushrooms in the world, of which only 2000 are edible, and only 100 have been grown.

Oyster mushroom is the most important and best specie.


It is characterized by high nutritional value and very delicious taste .


And it has great medical benefits I will mention some of them :
1_ Useful in stimulating blood circulation, physical strength and increased mental concentration.
2_ Reduces cholesterol in the blood.
3_ Its high content of protein, so it is almost considered a cheaper alternative to meat.
4_ Used as food and medicine for heart patients, due to its low fat content.
5_ Contributes to stopping the growth of cancerous tumors.
6_ It is considered to be one of the most important healthy foods, because no fertilizers or pesticides are added during its cultivation.
7_ Very useful for slimming and weight loss.
8_ Useful for diabetics, because it contributes to lowering blood sugar.
9_ Helps to heal some neurological and psychological diseases, due to its high content of B complex vitamins.
10_ It reduces the effects of aging because it contains a selenium element that protects the body's cells from oxidation.
11_ Protects prostate and improves bone health.
12_ Treat some blood diseases and reduce pressure.
13_ Treat some stomach diseases, constipation and hepatitis.
14_ It is one of the most luxurious and varied foods to be used with pizza, salads and lots of meals, where it is eaten "fried, grilled or cooked ".


Because of the great benefits I mentioned to you, I did several studies on it, then tried to plant it in a room from my house.

The results were wonderful and I felt very happy when the mushrooms grew and I picked them up later.


I planted two varieties of it, and they had a wonderful shape after the harvest.


Then I cooked a portion of it and it tasted really great, and the rest I cleaned and packaged and distributed it to friends.


It was a wonderful experience and I have repeated it many times. Now I have a great experience in mushroom cultivation.


I will explain how to grow this kind of mushroom in the house and I will tell you more amazing information about it, so please follow and vote to support me <<<

I wish you a good day
Best regards


Well done with your mycology

Thank you very much for your appreciation 🙋

OMG, this looks amazing! I've always been fascinated with how mushrooms are cultivated. Do you need special lighting? Where do you get your ideas. I'm definitely interested in learning how to do this! And mushrooms are amazing and tasty!

Yes, I certainly need special environmental conditions that I work to secure at home. I have tried to succeed in planting it in the simplest conditions and with minimal adaptation so that everyone can experience the cultivation of mushrooms and enjoy it in their homes.
Follow my posts because I will explain everything about him in the coming times.
Best regards

Great job!

Thank you.
Best regards

It's really amazing thing and I'm excited to know more about it.
I like mashrum an I wish I have friend like you 🤗

Yes I will explain more information about it and I will mention the steps to grow it in detail.
I have the honor to become friends 😊
Best regards.

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Thank you man, you are the best 🙌

That is new information for me .. very interesting .. good job.

Thank you very much.
This was my pleasure and my happiness.

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Thank you for this information and I am waiting for the way to grow mushrooms and I hope to become a survivor

Yes, of course I will explain everything about mushroom growing in the coming times, just follow me.
I wish you a happy day.

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