The Journey - "A Path of Self Discovery"

in life •  5 months ago

Our journey is ahead of us.

It will lead us into the known unknown. A place where unexpected opportunities lie heather and dither by the side of our trail, waiting to be picked up. The walk will take us into unchartered lands where foreign beings await our alien eyes. The unfamiliar will soon become familiar, easing us deeper into the fog of war. The war that we hold with our fears.

With keys in one hand and a mace in the other, we the prison guard dictate the freedom of the prison inmate. With shackles clanking at our feet, we dutifully obey the reality imposed by the prison guard. The switch in roles is caused by our fear, as to leave our mental cage is to leave our comfort zone.

The illusionary pretense of "responsibility", "being an adult" and "doing what needs to be done" are the voices of our prison guard. Wanting to break free is the spirit of our intuition and true self, caged by our rational mind. Neither the world, neither the economy will collapse if you choose to remove the prisoners and prison guards clothes and step into the spheres of possibilities.

Facing our fears.

At the core of every journey lies a black hole, gradually pulling us towards it to confront our inner emotional hole. We journey because we are unsatisfied with where we are or with what we have. At times, this drive stems from a place of self-rejection and pain. Pain that we have bottled up, and sunken into the deepest depth of our conscious mind.

No matter how far we travel, on our arrival, our inner child will be waiting for us. The journey that we choose to take will inevitably take us back to what we fear the most, and with new keen eyes, we shed our old skin.

The journey ends its cycle once we cease running away from the fleeting itchy feeling, and decide to face our torment by plunging ourselves into our fear. A metaphorical death takes us through the process of self-renewal, birthing a wiser and lighter self.

Though this journey is purely mental, our new perspective taints our reality with new colours and new lights. A freer man sees the word differently than an imprisoned one. Opportunities lie everywhere, gratitude is bestowed on everything, and the drive to succeed in happiness is restless.

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