Day 2 Antarctic Expeditions on the M/V Island Sky

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Oh, the Drake passage my old friend, from which I only just left a day ago. You are much kinder than you were on our way back to Ushuaia from the peninsula. Again we are greeted, as we always are, with numerous beautiful Albatross and Petrel species gliding around the ship


Sunrise over the Drake as we head south for Antarctica.
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My day consisted of not only attempting to take more photographs of these magnificent birds but also scanning the ocean for any whale species that might be around. I did indulge in my usual routine of making my way up to the observation deck to watch the sunrise and scan the area for bird and whale species. Unfortunately, no whales as of yet…. This, however, IS going to change.

The other part of my day was simply interacting with guests and presenting my lecture on whales and having quite the interesting discussions shortly thereafter.


A Wandering juvenile Albatross gliding our vessel once again, as we cruised south through the Drake Passage once again.

We do still have another day and a half of cruising before we will see land, which will be the South Shetland Islands. I will bide my time with getting to know the new guests on board, learning of their stories and what journey they have been on in order to arrive on this ship. As well as, spending a lot of hours staring through binoculars over the horizon in hopes of spotting that blow of a whale I so desperately am hoping to see.

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Good work on birds... wish you could have see the whale also.

I follow,upvoted,commented. Please do mine also.

Thank you.

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This first landscape photo is so relaxing it heals my eyes. I'm glad you find time for enjoying life and feeding us with such peaceful posts. Have a wonderful day - @tonac :D

wow ... you are incredible. that's a very good photo.

You are so incredibly lucky to be having this experience. How long are you planning to hang around Antartica?

Wow have a great trip to the Shetland Islands, I have always wanted to go there, sounds like an amazing boat ride learning about whales and lectures on the wildlife,very envious!

Excellent, take, beautiful bird, and I'm glad to know that everything is going well, I'm very pleased that you return full of so many sunrises in the immensity of the sea with those good companions of living beings of the sea, happy return @ thomasjmitchell

This is awesome! Antarctica is on my list. I hope you get to see some whales ☺

It's my dream to cruise to Antarctica. The Island Sky looks like a beautiful ship. Can't wait to see more of your posts. Hope you see some whales soon!

A beautiful and amazing adventure. LOVE this!

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