It's The New Year! Let's Launch Private Beta TODAY!

in life •  11 months ago

Hello! I'm Benbrick a songwriter and big fan of blockchain technology. At the start of this year one of the records I worked on became the #1 Billboard World Album and Japanese Grammy Award Album of the year.

Benbrick (9 of 14).jpg

I've been thinking about @Steemsongs and I'm reminded of a quote from Amelia Earhart that says "The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity."


With this in mind everybody who signed up to our mailing list will receive an invite code today to try out the beta version of @Steemsongs.

Any user with more than 50k Steempower who would like an invite please message @thisisbenbrick on

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Follow @thisisbenbrick and @steemsongs. Read the growth proposal.

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Nice, will you join with some programmer to develop a app foe songs in steemit perform?


Sounds like plan.. steemit is boring without music. I have plenty to share

This is initiatives like this that will make Steem one of the most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies out there.


You got a 28.00% upvote from @upyou thanks to @discernente!


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Congratulations! May 2018 be an even better year for all of us on Steemit.


I'm a Chinese! Do you have any questions about China? Let me answer you! Thank you


It's time for miracles. I'm Chinese too

Congratulations !!

This is absolutely amazing!
What's the name of your album?🎵

Another good vibes for Steemit Community as this year just started.
Thanks for being a part of the community @thisisbenbrick!
More power!


Wow, this is really impressive, I can't wait to be a partaker tho I'm bad at songs. But I must confess, it's a really a superb vibe coming to the community for this new year.


hahahahha,.,.,., :D


Steemsongs sounds like a great idea! Good luck!

Great news my friend! :)
I want an invite too! ahahah :D
Awesome that your project is coming to life man! Wish you all the best!
Because: Music is what feelings sound like!


Thanks for your help and advice too. Did you receive the e-mail? Seems like they are going out very slowly via Mailchimp.


Any time man! :) Not yet, but I'm patient... ;)

Very cool... I want see your next post :))

Kicking it into gear first if 2018. Exciting news Ben!

I just received the email - thank you! Congratulations on the beta launch Ben, I'll definitely give this a shot and report back with my feedback.


thank you matt!

I love this idea and am looking forward to getting involved (I'm a singer/songwriter). Is there anything I can do in the meantime to support? Following and resteemed 😊


Keep pumping em songs out, so you can upload and share them


LOL ok will do. Kinda can't help it anyway

Oh yes! Just what we need on Steemit now. I'm a musician from Kathmandu, Nepal. Following @steemsongs right now and hoping to benefit from this in the near future. Or at least share my music with the awesome people on Steemit.

Keep it up.


go.,,. go,.,,. go,.,.,.,.

Seems interesting, can't wait to try it out in the future!

hey steemsongs man who would of thought... I think this is a big move for steemit because everyone loves music! Where ever music goes the people follows.

Hi, I wish you good luck in everything. May 2018 be the year of Steemit, to attract more investors and increase yours and our chance to success. Happy New Year!

This is really awesome @thisisbenbrick
Hope we all in Steemit community will be successful in 2018.

Excellent initiative brother, another way in which we can interact in this social network. I still do not have the 50k steempower but initiatives like these are what are needed. Greetings from Venezuela

With the way steem is going there will be no need in a few years to use anything else maybe sooner. I am looking forward to the release, I read the growth proposal and I am excited to be able to have a place to sell my music and have it connected to a social site it all blends so perfectly.

How do I get the invite code? Do I have to enter that in the "password" field?

Hi! I loved your post! I'm new to steemit. I follow you! Kisses! <3

Why so exclusive?


To test for functionality and scalability before releasing.

Awesome move. I also love music and this would be right up my alley. Thank you for the strong level of creativity. Music is universal. Bless

Congrats on your achievements, @thisisbenbrick! Looking forward to hearing your tunes :)

Cool buddy! but where is it? here is not song?


Read the post :)

Reminds me of that Tom Waits tune - Big In Japan. Awesome dude!

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this is great, thanks for always taking us into account

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As a label manager (klangworx) and producer (stereo for two) I would like to put the catalogue on steemsongs. Looks like a great initiative!

Very interesting. I am curious to see your results in the near future and more productive ideas to use blockchain and Steem. Good luck

Wow.. This is a really great idea. I have been thinking about doing this.. But thank God its here. I'll also compose and produce a song about steemit..

Hey, nice. BTW Happy New Year.
I like the good vibes and the good music. Great! I love that Steemit place :)))

I'm new here. Need support. I subscribed to your excellent blog, please subscribe and you are on mine. Thank you!

Really awesome

Can't wait to see what you guys have been cooking up behind the curtains!

What I also can't wait is for more use cases for our Steem Power. I hope your platform enables paying via upvotes for songs/albums. Even minnows could opt in with multiple upvotes over long periods of time.


This will be coming in the future. Searching for a dev to help integrate it


Hey @igster, you can on, did you know about it? :)
And when enough Steemian musicians will be joining both platforms, they can share their tracks on DSound and sell them on SteemSongs, with a direct link to the store from DSound... Nice stuff on music over Steem blockchain! ;)


I am aware of Dsound, yes. Thanks for building it, it is a fine addition to Steem ecosystem!

good post thanks for sharing post

what password it is asking for ? and why it didn't need the login ?


it's a closed beta at the moment


what about creating a website that shorten links of steemit posts ? Because I have a big group about steemit with more than 18000 memebers and I don't like the big links that I use, it will be great if someone create something like google shortener in the steem blockchain.


You should do it!


how, I am not a developer :(

steemit hitting up!! wish u best of luck!! following you

Very cool. I like that you can do multiple songs, this is a function missing from dsound. I still believe in bodies of work that are grouped as a whole. Perhaps a function to share the artist as a post that someone has listened to?

Thanks for the invite Ben. The site looks well designed and easy to use. The only thing I was missing was Genre in Categories but maybe that's what the '<3' is for. We'd be up for loading our tracks to it if you need more :-)


Have now added genre! Thanks

Thanks for the invite! A great proposal and platform for musicians on Steemit and blockchain.
May Steemsongs legs grow long in 2018.
Please invite @dreamrafa and @brimax, two very talented Steemians, both great guitarists and producers. imho

Thank you for the invite to test the beta.

My initial feedback is:

  • I have no idea how to upload as I cannot see an obvious link
  • The strapline says "UPLOAD, SHARE, ERAN" so I assume this site is only aimed at musicians not fans? Are you creating a different website for fans?
  • Sort By "Product Name". What is a product? A track or an artist? I don't see the point of sorting by this because as soon as you have 1000s of tracks only a search for an artist or track will be relevant
  • CATEGORIES is a bit odd. Most people would want a separate "Genres" option as this is what most people would use when searching for new music
  • What is "Our Artists"? There needs to be a "?" to explain what this is. Are these promoted artists in some way?

I'll continue to have a play and let you know what I else I find.

Thank you!


Hey @atomcollector

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. Upload is not currently an option. It's a hand picked selection of artists currently. We will allow Steemit users to upload their music in the future. Perhaps I need to make this clearer!

  2. Upload Share Earn is about the artists themselves, yes. Actually for the fans they will be able to buy music by using their upvote. Perhaps it needs another strapline for the listeners.

  3. Removed Product Name! Thank you.

  4. Categories has been updated including genres

  5. Renamed to Artists

Thank you!

Very cool! I am also a songwriter and musician. How do I get involved?

This right here might be the move.


concur... whole heartedly.

Hello bendrick, congrats for the #1 Billboard World Album, You rock!
keep up the good work, i'm following you !

Just got my beta invite. One quick note, it would nice to see the USD / EURO price for each album based on the current price of steem.

Wow! nice one

I really like your words, hopefully I can learn a lot from you, in this steemit. I focus on my favorite is photography, may you succeed always, follow your friends, maybe someday you also want to follow me.

Fantastic i want to see your next post

Thanks for sharing your great news

I think this is an absolutely awesome project! I'm a DJ from the states and would love to support and be involved with something like this, but unfortunately don't have that kind of STEEM... lol Anyways, I'll be keeping an eye out for the growth of the project and to shop in the future. Cheers mate!

Very cool to discover a fellow music maker here on this site. Maybe we can co-create someday. Hope you have a prosperous year!

Steemit gets more interesting to me everyday haha, I actually came here for the FREE SPEECH, but I did not realize what a free and fair environment would do to the atomosphere and peoples actions. Good luck with your music endeavor and Earth is Flat! Peace

Very cool! I've been waiting for this for a while now. I didn't get the email though and I'm pretty sure I signed up.

Very interesting post I really like it .. Greetings know and friendship my brother. Happy New Year

Hey Ben, have you checked out Musicoin as well? Really interesting attempt to use blockchain technology to pay artists when their songs are streamed.


wow that is so amazing

great post i like it

Awesome Thanks For Sharing!! Music is fun, I play bass...

Woooow! cool I follow you and always wait for your post happy new year

LOVE IT! hopefully testing goes well...looking forward to info update :)

Very cool... I want see your next post

If you share your songs with us, then I will be very happy.

2018 wil be greater for us all

Great news for Steemit community members. Keep it up bro. Great going.

Hi Ben,

I just joined and I am very excited to learn more. This is great info. Thanks for your time!

This is awesome. Steemit is the best platform for us to do much better next year!

This is lit! the only reason i was hesitant on buying a position with Musicoin was for this very reason.. i was anticipating a Steem platform for Music streaming!!!! GOODBYE SOUNDCLOUD

Awesome , singing up right now!

Fantastic to see someone utilising blockcahin tech in the music industry! Such a broken space with massive incumbants. I hope you guys make a difference!

Hello from a little minnow from the island of Malta
wow thats a great achievement. Yes Steemsongs will be great for musicians and bans!!

music brings together diversity like steemit brings together bloggers.. thank steemit


There are many Chinese here

Congratulations!! I love this idea :)

@thisisbenbrick - I was expecting a lot of stuff to launch on Steem and never thought it could be a platform to launch music too (of course).. Looking forward to seeing your album and checking out the bet of steemsongs.

Congratulations @thisisbenbrick!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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I anticipate its arrival in 2018~

Awesome.. I wanna follow u.. ;)

@benbrick what was the email address ? im sure i signed up have a big catalouge of material , as i run a label so would like to be involved maybe get me on discord !!

hi we are new to Steemit . how do we join steemsongs?

Great stuff! We need more people like you :)

Wow this is really cool man! Congrats!

I am following for more info- I would love an Invite!

Awesome Ben! I will sign up to the mailing list

Hey that sounds absolute amazing!
What is the Name of your Album

Sounds like an interesting project. Great vibes coming from 2018 already. Interesting contribution by @thisisbenbrick. Let's get 2018 started!

very exciting project @thisisbenbrick . I am a Grammy nominee music producer and I would love to hear more about @steemsongs. I think the model is very interesting. How do you plan to implement it on the steemit platform. It seems to me that steemit posts are very "STEEMIT-ORIENTED" and lack variety in topics so far. How would you make the content visible on steemit?

Looks like i need to get my steem power up! im a huge music fan and creator and am completely onboard with this idea.

congratulations for you.
Like this,. :D (^_^)

Good work @thisisbenbrick I will support you. Plus im looking forward with playing a song with you un the future

Another good news for the steemit community. I'm also interested. 🔊🔊🔊🎹🎺🎷🎸🎻🎼🎵🎵🎶🎤