woah. this is indeed an amazing post. would love to see more of these #guidefordummies

thanks so much! i will be doing my best to create good content here

Dude this is amazing! Absolutely WONDERFUL guide!

Thanks man! really love your content. stoked you stopped on by!

Excellent post. My 70 year old parents just went vegan. I thought they were crazy, but I was wrong. I am definitely following the leads you provided and reading up. I am also burning my last smoothie video. Lol . Nothing could compare to yours. Good job. Blessings.

that is seriously amazing!!! you have the coolest grandparents around. i will have to check your smoothie video, i am a smoothie drinker daily! thanks again

Beautiful post! I'm sure that it is helpful for many people! I really love it I wish there were more posts like this! Keep it up!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read! really appreciate it

To inspire others hold vegan potlucks!! My partner and I do this every month. People discover new foods, try cooking just one vegan item, and have a great meal with great friends. Then we all go Contra dancing!

The combo of food, friends, fun, and dancing is really inspiring to a lot of people!

Following you :) Go team Vegan :D

what a great idea! thanks for that. i will keep it in mind, always looking for new ideas :)

Awesome information!!
I made the switch to a heavily plant based diet last January. There are a few meats that I allow myself on rare occasion, ie venison maybe 2x a year. My wife (@danaedwards) has lived a plant based diet for about 6 years or so, with reservation for her guilty pleasure (pepperoni). We watched a documentary on Netflix called Food Choices, and it got me thinking. I finally decided to transition to a plant based diet. It was a lot easier than I thought. Some of the brands above are very helpful for sure.
We currently have the Forks over Knives Cookbook and have made a few things from it. I'm pretty handy in the kitchen, so thumbing through the cookbook I was able to see what flavors go well together.
In making the transition over to plant based and a good work out routine, I was able to lose about 25 lbs last year. I wasn't obese at all. Just unneeded crap weight as I call it.
So the goal for 2018 is to live a more vegan lifestyle! This is a great first step to that direction.

absolutely awesome story! its a process, a journey but one that will change your life. i just want to help as many people possible after seeing the benefits ive had over the past 2 years. i feel everybody needs to get the story straight and get on this lifestyle. forks over knives is awesome, they have an App also that i have. cheers to 2018!

Awesome article so much helpful information in here, for any one about to transition, this is just about the best source of information I have seen.

awesome man thanks so much for that, thats super cool of you to say. im glad you enjoyed the read! take it easy !

Hi, thanks for taking the time to put this together! Great job! Q: What about B12? And, my research debunks soy as a good “food”. Particularly soy oil, and soy protein powder. Your thoughts?

B12 supplementation is a great idea, you can get from any chemist. Regards soy being healthy or unhealthy. If you can just eat whole plant foods that's best. If you need to use soy products to help you transition great. If you want to use soy products infrequently no issue. I would not be eating processed soy products everyday.

You hit the nail on the head. Eat whole plant foods, even when we eat soy. I don’t mind eating some of Edame (whole soy) , Or tofu, or tempeh every now and then, but I stay away from soy oil, soy protein isolate, basically anything that needs to be processed to be edible. Eat it whole all the way!

Youre welcome thanks for reading! Ah yes B12. It seems as vegans we get two things, protein and B12 questions! most people are deficient in B12 as meat eaters so its not a bad idea to suppliment that. I personally have been taking a chew-able every other week with a high dosage. So i recommend just to be safe why not. As for soy i will leave you with this video to watch.

Great run down. Need to check out some of those links. I don't see my name on the YouTuber list. I guess I need to up my game up to some those greats haha :)

my dude! damn you are right my bad, it think i left out so many haha.

A diet without meat? Though I love vegetables as well but a meatless diet is kinda...out there for me. Still I'm not closing my door for a pure vegan diet, so well see what happens in the future. Thanks for the informative post. Have a nice day.

when we've done anything a specific way our entire lives, doing the opposite is totally going to be out there. until you switch and continue to live that change, and then eating meat becomes "out there" that's all it is but the rewards of letting the animal products go out weigh ten fold! hope you check out some of the info and gather your own personal thoughts!

This is a really useful step by step guide, I did read about a research saying that healthy vegan diet can live longer than those who eat meat or egg. Thanks for sharing.

You're absolutely right! there is so much information out there to help us with actual proven research, just take a look at some of my links and youll see :) thanks again

Hi @therusticvegan, what a extremely informative post! I'm thrilled you're really talking about all the relevant aspects of vegan life. You wrote that very well and sum it up nicely. I am always very glad when somebody gives so much effort. Thank you very much. 😀

Thanks a lot! i started writing and then 2+ hours later i thought, well that took longer than expected! haha all is well, i love helping people and finally having a place to do so.

Nice post Rusticvegan. Im into medicinal and psychoactive plants. Follow me please as I will be posting on plants weekly :D

amazing i love it! thanks for the read i will be sure to check it out

I think the post it's really well written and I like that it includes also the references to documentaries, books, instagram accounts etc. I find this very helpful! Only one more thing I think needs mentioning, vitamin B12 which is very important for neurological function and it's found only in animal products (or some fortified breakfast cereals, nutritional yeast etc.).

I did not mention supplements as i dont personally take any except for B12 every other week. Perhaps i can do a solid post on that alone another time. As you know its been shown even meat eaters are highly deficient in B12 as well but for some reason everybody is concerned bout our protein and B12 soon as we go vegan right? haha. Thanks !

I have believed for a long time that we don't need as much protein as we Americans eat, and definitely don't need it from animals. Protein is protein. However, as I see you mentioned above, you do supplement with B12 every other week. That is good. I also think, from research, not out of thin air, that we DO need saturated fat. It doesn't have to come from animals, but that is indeed the easiest and most abundant source for getting it. Thoughts?

well said! give this a watch starts around 5 mins or so. its not worth the risk consuming animal products just to get sat fat, that comes with cholesterol and a whole bag of disease. plenty of plant sources for fat such as nuts & seeds, nut butters avocados, extremely easy to get them in! eating a wide variety of plant based foods we will get everything we need from whole plant foods.

Yep! The key is a wide variety of plant-based foods. Thanks for all your comments. I’m going to watch the video below, now

"Little protein fairies" ))

Thank for your job!

lol i made myself laugh with that one. Thanks for reading !

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Well that sounds pretty cool to me! Thanks for this info i have just checked it out. I must do more posts like this in the future then, they seem to go over well and i have lots of knowledge to share!

Thanks a lot for stopping by !

My Pleasure!

thanks so much for this great post! My journey to a 100% plant-based diet was very close to what you described in the post.

  1. I stopped eating beaf (never liked it anyway) for a few years.
  2. I stopped eating other meats like chicken and pork
  3. I stopped eating dairy products
  4. I gave up fish and seafood last.

Transformation is incredible and I am vegan for life!!!
Thanks for inspiring me and so many other people!

absolutely beautiful! I love hearing stories like this. Then we get to help other people do the same and continue to spread the knowledge weve learned. Congrats to you and thanks for much for stopping by and reading this! have a good one :)

Omg wow! Appreciate all the hard work you put into this post it would have taken ages! Your day breakdown also sounds fun as hell. What a goal!

aw hey!! Thanks for finding me. Happy you like the read. i love being able to do things i cant over on instagram so im really excited for whats to come here!

haha i said it was a struggle but I did manage to do it! I agree! The things that we can do in one post here would take us about a year to do on insta so thanks for introducing me to this site! Finally got my introduce yourself post up!

Amazing post! I have just started my vegan journey this new year in hopes that it will help with my arthritis. Thank you for all of the additional links, they are very helpful! :) Restemed!

try cutting out gluten as well. my mother had it in her hands and cut out gluten and it went away. she is also vegan now so its even better!. congrats and much love to you and your journey

I have a crazy question. Can you smoke tobacco or marijuana as a vegan? How about drinking Alcohol? After all, these are not from animals.

Although i dont recommend tobacco as in cigarettes, cannabis is a medicine in my opinion for those who need it! The only thing on your list non vegan is a lot of alcohol. Companies use a process where they use Isinglass which is dried fish bladders for clarification process. I dont think many people know that so technically a lot of alcohol is not fully vegan but luckily for us, there are plenty vegan friendly brands out there!

As a nurse who has worked with these WFPB MD's I would tell you they would quote the research that with recreational cannabis use there is an 8% permanent drop in IQ. Something to ponder with a fully cognitive brain.

Such an awesome post!! Definitely wil help out a lot of newbies :) And thanks for the mention! I feel honoured to be on that list with all the other wonderful influtential vegans :)

aw you're welcome love and thank you! nice to see you over here on the platform. I came from instagram but its nice to see youtubers here as well. I appreciate what you do for others :)

I became a vegan back in June and have been trying to advocate for my friends ever since! This post is awesome, I resteemed it! Love vegan advocates, especially those that are not too confronting and forceful when spreading the message! Gentle pressure and educating others is the best way :)

awesome thank you so much! that's the entire point of my Instagram and why i took that approach. im able to reel people in with curiosity and wow factor. :)

As an RN who has worked with these MD's you mentioned I highly endorse what you have posted. I would add a few things. First, if you want to look up the science in the most entertaining website, I would suggest The evidence is overwhelming. Put meat, chicken, fish, dairy and try out paleo in the search, it is a game changer to have the truth.
thanks again for sharing.

awesome thank you! dr greger is certainly interesting but i look to him for lots of facts as well. he's one of my top goto's for accurate research!

Fantastic Guide. Well done! I am currently helping to organise a series of Veganuary events in my home town.
A lot of the things you discuss in your post are what we tell people.
keep up the good work :-)

thats so amazing to hear, right on! keep spreading the good word :)

Anyone here see any of the Heme protein vegan burgers. puts the heme group from hemoglobyn in vegan burgers. Some restaurants can get them haven't been lucky enough to try it yet or see it in the wild at my grocery stores.

only two places in Los Angeles serve these! its like locating a unicorn.

A restaurant I worked at in the past tried them out from what I heard they were really good, unfortunately did not try one myself.

They are really expensive from the supplier they are I think over 10 dollars making the price for resell probably be over 20 which is ridiculous for any burger. Why my restaurant decided not to carry them.

What's the price of them in LA where you found them?

around $15 here as well since it is located at crossroads, travis barker's really nice vegan spot. they also started carrying them at a chain called umami burger which id imagine is somewhere relatively the same, have not tried it either.

This is so great my dear! Love your tips and your daily ruitine! You are such an inspiration!

there you are. thanks sweetie, followed ya!

Aww thanks my dear! Lets make the world vegan;)

Hi @therusticvegan!

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well done! We published a FAQ about veganism on our blog. I'll put on here soon too! :)

sweet thanks my dude !! ill check it out