Letter to my Grandfather ❤️

in life •  9 months ago

Hey Koro.

I miss you so much everyday but today in particular was a bit harder.

I walked past this little old man after work today and he looked so much like you.

So much so, I was taken aback and had to do a double take.

He was sitting on a park bench so patiently waiting.

What for, I wouldnt know but I hoped he was happy.

I carried on walking as a smile grew over my face.

And then that smile faded and tears started to form.

I kept stopping and looking back at the little old man because to me, It felt like you were here.

I paused in my tracks for a minute and thought about going to ask if I could hug the little old man.

I contemplated in my head though because I’m just a stranger to the little old man.

I didnt want to scare him or make him frightened.

I just wanted to hug you.

I decided to give it a go and make the walk back toward the little old man in hopes that he would help me out.

As I started getting closer I noticed I couldn't see the little old man’s head over the ledge anymore.

I started to worry about the little old man and hoped he was safe and ok.

And then I saw the little old man.

He was hopping into a little grey car with a little old lady.

It was such a bitter sweet moment.

I was disappointed because I couldnt give you a hug but I was happy he was going home with his wife.

I miss you so much Koro, but today its little harder.

I love you ❤️

-------- || 6 June 2012 || ---------

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Aw, babe. What are you doing, making me cry so early in the day?

To quickly change the subject, we've got a South Pacific channel in Discord now, with special NZ rooms. You can check it out and find the link to join here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@cryptonik/grand-announcement-steemit-south-pacific-aus-nz-community-launch-now-on-discord


I had a moment yesterday and wrote this out but only decided this morning to post it ❤️ thanks @kiwideb

And yes, I have heard about that. @ravenruis told me about that on my last post (which is disappointingly months old - havent done much posting in awhile). Will definitely be checking it out 😊