First dentist trip since I was 18 😧

in life •  last year

I am 23 and I haven't been to the dentist since before I turned 18!!

I know, crazy right? I'm rebel ooooh 👿👿 Actually, I'm just a tinass that really didnt want to sell my arms and legs (or better worse... dat ass haha) to have my teeth fixed.

I hoped that if something was wrong, or urgent enough to need the dentist, it would hurt and if it didnt, my teeth pearly whites were as safe as yours - So I lived in ignorance bliss for a good 5 years..

Until that moment 

My bottom gum was being sliced open by an emerging tooth from the back. Thats right, the dreaded money thief...

A Wisdom tooth

I literally couldn't ignore this any longer. I had to start advertising what my momma gave me if I wanted to be able to chew without pain.. Yeah, I couldnt eat. That's how bad it got.

So I booked an appt, made sure I had received the fund money and made my way downtown.

The Climax

I have an xray and the first thing the dentist says to me is

Ooooh, yeah. All four of your wisdom teeth have very much grown all they can grow. They have got to come out. 

☹️☹️☹️ You're bloody joking me mate.

 We can take the top ones out easily enough but the bottom ones, they are going to have to be surgically removed.  See what we do is we slice the gum and yank the teeth out.

👀  You fucking do what?! 

All up its going to be about $300 each for the top (2) and about $500 each for the bottom (2). Plus the consultation fee and it will become a total of $1680.
Oh and were going to need the whole payment made before the appointment date. 


This is a photo that was taken in my dentist appointment - just kidding but you totally wouldnt notice.

I guess he noticed I was a broke joker by the tears forming in my eyes or perhaps maybe he came across one of my adverts, needless to say he knew I couldnt pay that so he suggested this mouthwash.


I don't know what its super powers are but I tell ya, it "deswelled" my gums just great. 

He didn't let me get away that easy however 😐😐

You will need to have a filling today though, please take a seat.

And so it began..

My journey to annual dentist appointments. 

NB: I didnt sell my arms, legs or ass.. cant say the same about my soul though! hahaha

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Hi, it looks like you haven't posted in a while, but just in case you jump back onto Steemit I am posting an invite to a Discord group some of us created to hang out in together - go kiwis! Would love to have you join us. :)
South Pacific discord invite link:

discord invite


Hey @ravenruis, thanks for the invite!
Yes, I havent been active on Steemit for a while now - mainly because I'm finding it hard to ever have any free time these days and then never knowing what to write about anymore haha But I find myself always coming back so I need to try 😁

I will make sure to join the group discord - nz is best! haha Have followed you as well. Cheers.


Wonderful to have you coming back to Steemit. I agree it can be really daunting trying to figure out what to write, but I think it just takes time to find your rhythm. Joining like-minded groups helps a lot, and there are plenty of those around to choose from. :D

Someone mentioned they thought the link had expired - so if I've set it wrong, just give me a yell and I can pop a fresh one here. We're still a small group (there's loads more Aussies, and that's just.not.right ;) )but trying to grow into the best one around. :D

Make sure you go. I just turned 41 and I haven’t been in almost 20 years! It’s starting to catch up on me. Some of my fillings are starting to come out.


Damn, thanks for the advice @jca3000! 😇

hey nice to have you back! - dentists arrgghhh


haha thanks @kiwiscanfly! Work and study have been taking up most of my time but I still miss this place like crazy. Has already changed so much, am intrigued to start exploring again.

When I was 20-ish, my dentist said "all your wisdom teeth are growing in sideways, they'll have to come out". I didn't have any money, so I didn't do anything. Then he retired and I got a new dentist and it was never mentioned again. And now I'm 59 and all my wisdom teeth are still in my mouth.

So you might need to do something about the one that's hurting, but you might get away with ignoring the rest!


Thanks @kiwideb! It makes no sense to me that we have to have the wisdom teeth removed, even if they arent effecting the rest of our mouth. After using that savacol mouthwash, it really helped and my mouth hasnt hurt one bit since. I changed dentists and showed him my xray and asked if I really had to have them removed haha he said

Yeah well, you're wisdom teeth have definitely grown through but if they arent giving you any grief anymore/right now, I think we can get away without removing them if you like but once they start to iritate again, we will have to come back to it.

Easy compromise I thought and am happy with this dentist - And easy bonus fees pretty much slashed in half!

My boos booked the dentist for me and made me go and get my wisdom teeth out. They just couldn't stand me being grumpy at work any more.

I didn't realize just how much pain I was in, until I wasn't :-)

Yeah the dentist is a real money sink. I shudder to think how much I have spent on the dentist since I met my wife. A deposit for a small house perhaps.


But at least you've still got your pearly whites, am I right? Haha thanks ...Damn a small house, I'm trying to buy one of those haha


The bills were not mine ;-)
My wife has teeth issues that stretched our dentist to the limits. She broke his tools!

But he's a nice dentist and gave her a bunch of work for free because she was such a difficult case. But still, the bills were not small.

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