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imagine, life in a constant spiral, chasing the next cosmic tail
the next video to go viral, the next thing you send in the mail
the next thing you think? your random spring of choice unveils
what's next to drink? in tandem, rings a voice, it exhales
what drives you to the brink? rejoice! life prevails!

the drive to succeed, the power of greed
to be better than the best, indeed!

i could go on and on, from here to eons,
with the gravity of 'the reality's' bronze.
the power of God, indivisible, from the free flow of life,
the power of decision, and choice, lies within the strife,
to be who we can be, reality's automaton,
choice of random, free, abilities phenomenon.

God's prediction, He knows the choice you make.
He knows, because you made it already, rejoice!
difference flows through voices steadily awake.
following the dreams of our real life choice.

living focused and clear with drive and intent.
life's discussed, all the while being content,
confident that YOU can be, who YOU want to be.
don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

dedication towards a goal will reward you,
will revitalize you, tantalize you, surprise you.
pull you toward your goal, of seeing life as a whole
solid prayer, praying to be better, to remain in control
we're unaware, straying from the letter of the word
absolute perfection eludes us all, that's what i heard.

pi squared, multiplied, by the gravitational divider,
flared the cumulative inertia of reality's provider,
hidden within the cosmos, it's for our DNA to decide,
so complex to diagnose, arena life times two inside
your heart, your mind, your will, your desire
what fire humankind's drive, has to inspire

the deepest desire, of God's Will succumbs,
to be like his Son, to know positive outcomes,
come from One, domino the action minimums,
a constant spiral toward the tip of the drill.

a strand of DNA spliced with another made you,
who you are; who you want to be, is up to you.
your choices, your decisions, your crucifixions,
are all up to you, core divisions, all predictions
then seeing the atomic structure of life itself,
within the cosmos, are we really where it all began?
searching for the meaning of life, in a caravan?

desperate times, call for desperate measures,
we all know, choices are real true treasures.
making the positive choice, will yield positive return.
staking affirmative voice, predictive of relative yearn,
to be loving, giving, rejoicing, alive and snappy
all the time you have, left, all you take for granted
and it all ends tomorrow, would you be happy,
with the way it all ended, given a choice un-recanted?



I sense you held fixation on a point ahead of you, as you assembled these words. As I read them I couldn't get the performance of Jack Kerouac out of my mind's eyes, and the Railroad Earth. I suppose I'm fixated on counterpoint assembly, and me.

Thanks for sending me back to revisit Kerouac.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

not sure who he is,.. I will check him out,.. thanks for your comment!