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The fires devastated the Ojai Valley, and surrounding areas...

We set out to raise awareness for those affected, and how people can support families and social service missions to help in the rebuilding... (See links at end of this article)

Our plan was to raise awareness up the coast and back... 

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Sharing our story, seeing friends and family, making new friends, seeing the towns, and helping various projects/communities along the way... 

While building systems that can support this as a lifestyle/ ongoing (i.e. fundraising for an RV) via a strong sponsorship base (of businesses/organizations, friends, and family)... 

December 19th & 20th:

#1 priority to make this possible was having a car that runs well, 

We went out to Oxnard to purchase an air mattress (Intex Queen Raised Air Mattress from Dick's), and the spirit guided us to complete various errands that also would make this tour much smoother for all...

We received an oil change at Jiffy Lube! (We found a Groupon coupon!).... & We were so pleased by the customer service, that we chose to come back the next day for brake service...

We utilized their "15% off additional service" coupon on their website... And felt great about the condition of the car for our tour!

Deb saw a Payless shoe store, and purchased the cutest black shoes.... And then the dolphins blessed us after!

Ever since the fires, Deb never lets an opportunity to "fill up the gas tank" pass us by, and Doron always makes sure it's a great deal! :) Valero was in the right place at the right time!

We packed up the household.. and this went very smooth, since Deb had the practice/ trial run with the fires..... comparatively, this was easy!

We dropped off the cat, Laci love, at Kitty Palace... 

And invited our "kitty caretaker" friends to join us for a nice dinner at Ojai Pizza! And it was fabulous! What a great time! The food is always amazing too! "The only Good Pizza"

December 21st:

We woke up fully charged, focused, and motivated to go to our first stop, our cherished Buellton!

We drove towards the Motel 6, of course stopping at McDonald's so Deb can get her breakfast sandwiches, Arnold Palmer's etc... We always stop when it's a "100 %" NOW need!

Arriving at Motel 6, ready to check in, and our room wasn't quite ready, so we headed to Starbucks!

We shared a green/ healthy drink at Starbucks, and tuned into our individual worlds for a nice break from it all..

The room is ready! We went over and checked in! Got comfortable, rested, and prepared to set up systems/ structure for our tour!

We ordered pizzas from Dominos... delivered to our room!

We worked together/ and created the tour together... This is that moment where 2 years comes to focused action/ what can we build together, that serves us both, that is purposeful, and good for all... This is where it clicks in.

Our 1st Steemit article was near complete this evening, both of us satisfied with our progress.. so we called it a night!

December 22nd:

Rise and shine.. we have our free coffees and eat our cute/ assorted breakfast.... and off to Sunburst Sanctuary we go!

We connect with our really good friend, about next stop San Luis Obispo.. and he offers us his house for 3 nights! Woohoo!! And he wants to see us, and drives all the way to Sunburst to meet up! Awesome!

We tour the property into the night... So cool! Connecting with many along the way... Our friend, a "soil science major", got to talk about biochar and his various knowledges of permaculture, and the Sunburst leadership got to showcase all their food forests, buildings, and spaces..

Until the whole lodge begins to vibrate/ loud!! We look up in the sky, and it appears like some sort of unidentified flying object.. government related? or other worldly? Who knows?!! We said our final good byes, as 2 parts slowly came together, we prepared for the "end of the world"... It ended up being a Spacex rocket launch.. Which is pretty cool.. From the Vandenburg Air Force Base.... All is well, we said our goodbyes to our friend, who then headed home...

Deb and I went to the office, motivated, to further build systems for the tour... We had tons of snacks/ and launched our 1st Steemit Article " THE CALIFORNIA “THOMAS FIRE” 2017: THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS / FIRST RESPONDERS!!! ", and worked to 2am... promoting it to all our friends/ family.. and social media.. Big success!! Huge relief!

December 23rd:

Waking up fairly early, ready to get work done.. our agreement with Sunburst was 1 night paid, and 1 night worktrade (discounted stay)... so started with sweeping the walkways all around the main lodge...

A big idea comes in!!! Create a printed flier (1st page) of our article! So Doron goes to the computer, and puts 2 fliers on a page, and we prepare to go to Buellton to print them out, and have breakfast/ run errands..

We printed the fliers at Postal Annex! What a great little place.... such great service by Marie Pimentel.. and it was so easy and such a friendly space for us to print, cut, and highlight, and add sticky notes to our fliers... 

We spoke our spiel to Postal Annex, and on our way!

Then we went to breakfast at the legendary Ellen's Pancake House! Mmmmmm, so goood!! Great service! By Samantha Silveira.. and we gave our spiel and on our way! We have a great rhythm and both can see how every business we visit can be included in this movement in this way! (We would say "You're in this article"... or "You'll be in the next article!")

A chance to get gas! We stop at Conserv Fuel, what a great rate ~$2.69/gallon!

We head over to New Frontiers Market in Solvang! Pick up a few supplements (with great help by Gingi) for Deb, and give our spiel and a flier!

We come back to Buellton, and visit CVS, and Albertsons, to get our food/essentials. When we handed our flier to Albertsons, it was handed directly to the Store Manager, as he says "this is the busiest we have ever been"! We just smile, as each and every place we visit on these journeys, miracles have been happening :)

We drop off a flier, and do the spiel at our favorite Motel 6... and favorite diner Mother Hubbard's (thank you Scott & Kristin!)...  and head back to Sunburst to finish our day/ do our worktrade tasks before the sun goes down...

We arrive back at Sunburst just in time.. and gather the rakes, brooms, and wheelbarrow... to rake the entire garden area around the lodge... This is a very large, and beautiful space! We did an amazing job, so proud of us! 

Exhausted... We head back to the cabin.. to enjoy our snacks... winding down... to sleep..

December 24th:

We woke up... Doron went out to finish the final touches on the walkways!

Deb started packing all our stuff up.. and Doron joined her after the sweeping! We cleared out of the cabin, to head to the Sunburst's awesome/ every Sunday Meditation!

A special ChristMass Meditation too! We sang, shook our rattles, and enjoyed the meditation...

Leading up to our spot on the Wolf Spirit Radio Show at 12 noon... Deb had a special spot for us to talk about our experience escaping the Thomas Fires, and journeying up the coast to raise awareness and support for those affected...



And we are stars together! A great appearance on the show! We stayed on and active for the full 3 hours, talking about the fires, the tour, and ChristMass!

With that complete, we said our goodbyes to all at Sunburst, and we expressed our gratitude for all these new friends, and a very nice stay!

On to San Luis Obispo we go... excited about our 3 nights at no cost at our good friend's place!

Stopping at the legendary Pea Soup Andersons for dinner! It was grrrrrrrreat! Excellent service by Daniel!

After, we drove to SLO (San Luis Obispo)... always beautiful drives on the west coast :)

But then, to our surprise, the "check engine light" came on.... Uh oh...

We pulled off at a nearby exit, just about 30 minutes out from SLO... And checked the manual.. and tuned in to the current state of all work that has been done on the car... and next steps..

We felt ok about it.. after tuning in with spirit, and all the facts... stopping at Starbucks to give the car some rest, and enjoy a Chocolate Chip Frappe together! :)

With that complete, onwards to SLO.

Arriving at our friends place... safe and sound... and getting comfortable.. 

Meeting the wonderful little housemate, Bobo the cat..

 Xmas Eve Holiday Wallpaper

In for the night.. A very nice peaceful Xmas Eve :)

December 25th:

Merry Xmas!! 

We slept in! Much needed rest and respite!

We enjoyed breakfast together in our wonderful space, happily housesitting, keeping an eye on Bobo :)

We completed our laundry... and felt good about where we were at with our work, so we went out on an evening drive, to Morrow Bay and nearby towns... to enjoy the sunset..

We completed our calls/ texts to friends and family.. many wishes of Happy Holidays...

To then visit Albertsons, to get food for the evening...

On to our SLO home, to enjoy a nice night, enjoy a movie and our favorite snacks...


December 26th:

We woke up ready to face the day... a good work day!

We were provided 2 auto shop options by our good friend Docta Nick (of Essential Oil Wizardry)... Dave's Auto, & DG Tires... We called Dave 1st! He was open, and ready to see us... That felt great!

We had a quick little breakfast, and we folded our laundry... and were on our way!

Excellent service at Dave's...  Dave was great!!! What a relief to get our concerns addressed.... Thank you so much!!

We headed home, and on our way we ran into Frank's Hot Dogs... another legendary establishment! Hot dogs, and an ice cream sundae! Mmmmm...& they gave us an extra dog! Great service by Lacey Cox!

Due for a little break, a nap.... and then get some work done.. so we stopped home...

1:15pm... Onwards to help Docta Nick with the move of their Essential Oil Wizardry operations to Ashland... 

So many wonderful beings came together to pack up boxes and boxes of oils, bottles, supplies, and other really cool stuff.... loaded the Uhaul truck.... a resounding "Fuck yes!" - Docta Nick, & all crew :)

A very good feeling to help for several hours... and Deb was able to catch up our tour operations as well.... 

So Deb and I went to IHOP to celebrate! Great service by Josh, and tasty food! "Wonderful" is showing up everywhere! "Perfect"!

To then return home for a nice evening, a movie, and our favorite snacks... 

We requested a 4th night's stay from our friend... at our wonderful "housesitting" SLO home... and a BIG YES! Woohooo!!! 

Another great day complete.... Sleep tight!

December 27th:

Wake up!

Let's go out for breakfast.... where to?!

We chose Breakfast Buzz, a very cute little space, and great service (by Jeff Reynolds, & Chelsea Jarvis)! 

 Image Source: Yelp

A great chance to get gas.. and of course Doron checks GasBuddy, and miraculously the Conserv Fuel across the street is the best rate in town!

We return home to take a nap, and complete our wonderful "catch up" work day... 

A little nap, so nice.. and of course Deb jumps right into work mode early... while Doron gets extra "catch up rest"...

Doron waters the yard, and comes inside to get a haircut/ trim by Deb... Deb never lets a hair get out of line! Not for a moments time! ;)

A BIG ENERGY CAME THROUGH.... and the word was....

Deb feels complete with this tour, and ready to return home for rest and rejuvenation... and Doron is ready for Hawaii..

So we worked out some initial planning and discussions for our next phases/ directions...

And on to bed to get some well-needed sleep!!

December 28th:

We woke super-focused... as both of us had a super clear directive by spirit! 

The 4 hour jaunt up to Marin was just not in the cards... With the check engine light on.. with our trip's costs adding up... And Deb exhausted, hoping for "another level" of "rest and rejuvenation"....

Deb wanted to help Doron's transition go super smooth (whichever direction that took), and Doron wanted to help make sure Deb got home to rest, in the most ease and grace way...

We worked super well together... as Doron narrows down the options, and removes "up the coast" from the list... and narrows the choice of islands down to Maui!!

We cleaned up the whole space at our SLO home... adding our touches; extra toilet paper, paper towels, doing the laundry, cleaning stove/countertops, vacuuming, sweeping, and filling up food bowls for the cat... and we packed up our stuff with focus!

We determined that Doron would drive Deb back to Ojai to unload some of her things to make it easy... and we would spend 2 more nights in Oxnard... to wrap up our tour... and send Doron on his way to LAX, to go to Maui... 

We booked a flight, we booked a shuttle to the airport, and booked our hotel nights at... you guessed it, Motel 6....

All was perfect and complete, and we were ready to go! On we went, direction- Ojai, California!

With a stop at McDonalds along the way :)

Doron helped Deb unload, and get everything just right, back to her comfort zone... And Deb received a wonderful Christmas present at the door, from a very good friend! And it was perfect! We were aiming to go out  for pizza, and in that gift was an Ojai Pizza gift card, and other super cool items too!

With the home in good order.. on to Ojai Pizza!  We had a wonderful time, great service, amazing food! As always :)

 Image Source: TheHall.Net

And then on we went to our favorite, Motel 6, at the South Ventura/ Oxnard location!

Checked in, got comfortable, and a nice evening in... Zzzzzzzz...

December 29th:

We wake up super happy, rejuvenated, and ready for a nice day... closing out the tour... for now! Motel 6 is magic!

We have our breakfasts in our room... and watch some TV... and of course, the show we find is showcasing tons of awesome tiny homes, and mobile tiny homes.... so fun! (We are all readying to get our tiny homes on wheels, and RV's ready for the tours for the next few years, aren't we now?!)

We spend the day, super focused, and writing our 2nd Steemit article... a review of our tour.. 

And wrapping up all our systems.. Google Drive folder... compiling all our pics... files/docs... accounting/logs... and more! ("To be continued"!)

We both are excited for next steps/ for the next level.... Doron is setting up Hawaii with so many amazing new paradigm leaders... and Deb is returning home to hold the highest vibration, and share her love with the people and businesses of Ojai... in her perfect little "tiny" home.. 

We both see the next level, an RV for around March (getting our Patreon fundraiser/ website up, & sending our tour info to all the 30-50 potential sponsors we gathered so far!), 

This is when many new paradigm leaders will be gathering on the west coast for tours in all directions... 


Now, we're putting these computers away and having a great night, and morning!! :) Bye all!! We love you!!!!!

 RESOURCES- How to contribute to Ojai families

People Who Lost Homes In Ojai- & How To Support Them!

Help Of Ojai

Ojai Community Thomas Fire Network On Facebook

Fire Recovery Network

Greater Goods: Thomas Fire Relief

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