The Life's biggest trap, we all fall into and probably stay for the rest of our lives.

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Once i was a kid afraid of darkness, lizards and strangers it was hard to break free until now.
When i joined school i was always afraid of being late for school each day, was afraid of my mathematics teacher and english teacher.
Around my secondary school education, i was afraid of failing exams, and being the last in class.
When i joined university i was afraid of working for a low paying job.
When i graduated and got a job, i was afraid of losing my job.
Can we notice something?
My parents struggled to get some where and secure me a job because they were afraid i couldn't do a business of my own.
Even when my the small business i started was doing well, they felt like something tragic could happen and i lose all my business and money.
So they wanted someone to take good care of me, my boss to shield me from all uncertainties.
So they told me to leave my small business i was passionate about and get a job.
Even when my friend landed on the job he always wanted, he worked so hard.
His reason was he never wanted to get fired from the job of his life.
He used to wake up each morning with and went to work, at first it looked like he was enthusiastic until we talked for hours with him.
He has been there for three years, he thinks it's so hard to get another job like it.


Some news i read last week in one of the uganda's top selling newspapers the New vision. Some people were asked if they ever save money and how much percentage they save on their salary.
Good enough most people who answered save a reasonable amount from their salaries.
I was happy to confirm most people save money.
They were asked why they saved that money.
The answers were interesting though.
Turns out most people save money to be able to solve problems that may arise
Which isn't bad, unfortunately only two persons saved money with postive feelings.

A video i watched about cryptocurrency, i got to know that many people who make losses in cryptocurrencies always think the prices are going to drop. This happens most of the time that they are unable to make potential long time investments.

Remember when your mum used to warn you about wasting food?
She most of the times used threatening words like, i will stop giving you food, i will not take you to the cinema.
In Africa, mums use i will beat you or you will sleep outside, and most times they mean it.

Teacher-front of Classroom-GETTY_560x292-thumb-500xauto-28521.jpg
"If you don't do this assignment, am sorry you will not graduate."
I have heard this so many times in my life that it makes me sick.
I think this has ever happened to anyone who went to school.

The most selling news are the ones of bad news,
Tsunami in China, tragic accidents, war in syria, assassination of a politician, domestic violence.



Which message are you likely to reply to immediately?
Of course the second one right?
Looks like something bad happened to the mayor. right?
Though it's not specificied anywhere, secretly it's what you are hoping for though you wouldn't want it to really have happened.

There you have it folks.
The biggest trap in life is the fear we instill in ourselves yet afraid of

We are born in fear, we live in fear, we instill it in our kids too, we instill it in society too.

But fear can be an illussion due to our low understanding and lack of experience.

Remember when you were afraid of strangers when you were young, does it bother you now?

Probably not.

It's likely the fears you have right now won't make sense after 4 years or so.

Thanks for passing.
As always


Great post indeed, When I was a child I was afraid of lots of things too. and now I think I am a bit afraid to loose my job, but I really believe very much in cryptocurrencies and someday they will change a lot in our world.

Though fear can give us protection sometimes, it stops us from achieving our potentials.

Great post my dear fear has been one of my great challenges in life in the end it brought a very low esteem in my life until i submitted it God
Thanks newton

For a Christian God can instill that sort of trust and inside a strong self belief, the bravery comes with in.
It can be the power behind all trials after failure.
Thanks for passing by.

Not just in our childhood, in every moment of our life, we are surrounded by many kind of fear. when we were child, we were afraid of adults, in adulthood age, we have fear against our boss, authorities etc... We are squeezed by demons of lifes. Fearing of something makes our life less meaningful...

Fear is a disease. Kills faster than cancer. Thanks for sharing @tesaganewton

Then fear is so scary.animated1520466801364.gif

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There is a saying I saw in Richard Branson's blog: "Whatever you want in life is on the other side of fear". Fear may keeps one away from attaining certain life aspirations.

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amazing my brother

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