Steem Montreal Meetup!

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[Français ↓↓↓] - STEEMMM will be held on Saturday, March 24th! We'll be meeting up at a restaurant in Montreal, obviously. The exact location is not set yet. The meetup will be held in the evening passed 6pm.

Let us know if you're interested in the comments below. Reward from this post will be used to help fiance the event.

Join us!


It turns out the Steem Blockchain was launched on March 24, 2016. Thank you to @gtg for pointing that out. [Link]


L'événement STEEMMM sera tenu le samedi, 24 mars! La rencontre aura lieu dans un restaurant de Montréal, évidemment. L'endroit exact reste à déterminer. La rencontre aura lieu dans la soirée passée 6pm.

Laissez-nous savoir si vous êtes intéressés en commentant ci-dessous. Les récompenses de cette publication financeront l'événement.

Joingez-vous à nous!


Il s'avère que le 24 mars 2016 est la journée ou le Steem Blockchain a été lancé. Merci à @gtg pour cette info! [Lien]

courtesy of @steemcamp

Confirmed Presences/ Seront Présent!

  1. @teamsteem
  2. @crimsonclad (Vancouver)
  3. @karensuestudios (California)
  4. @juliakponsford
  5. @vachemorte
  6. @philodendron (2 persons)
  7. @soushi888
  8. @pnc
  9. @helo
  10. @nickskywalker
  11. @mirella
  12. @lautre
  13. @nicobeaulieuqc
  14. and many others already!
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Oh yeah! Super!!!! J'ai hâte de te voir!

So many meet ups in Canada , we need one in NYC !!

You should organize one!!! Good luck

Should turn out to be a great time!

Wow it is a very wonderful meet up when people get together and talk about a revolutionary thing like STEEMIT! Hopefully, we will be having the same here im our place again ^^ cheers!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

sounds like fun, please let me know where @darsico it's at

I reserved for 15 persons on Saturday the 24th at 6h30pm.

Let me know if you'll join us. We'll most probably head out somewhere else afterward. I don't know where yet.

The place

Invitation V

yes I'll be there :)


I would of love to go to one of the steem meetups since I have never been into one and even though it is getting closer (in Canada) it is still too far for me to make it. I would love to have one in Vancouver. Do you know if there will be one in Vancouver one day?

I'm hoping to get one together! We're aiming for a little bit later in the summer, simply because I'm kind of on the road a lot through the spring. Are you out here on the West Coast?

I'm in the Okanagan (Penticton) but I have a family in Vancouver and we travel there a lot, it's only 4 hr drive, which makes an amazing trip.
Thanks for your response, I would love to go to one of the steem meetups and meet some steemians in person.

Same here, I’m putting out a post today to try and organize something out here on the west coast, soon. I’m in Vancouver.

Fabulous! jump onto Discord to the PALnet server and come hang out in #teamcanada. I can introduce you to some others! You too, @joalvarez :)

Sweet! I’ll log on tonight

Discord is telling me that the PALnet serve code expired:(


Take me with you on this meeting.

wah wish I could join! good luck for the event.

Wow, thats a great initiative to be acquinted with our fellow steemians in Canada Chapter. It will boost confidence and have a positive impact to the community. Steemit now is booming fast penetrating in all borders!

Thats a great venue for the meet-up!

Well done, creativity
I liked that .. a wonderful initiative from you
Thanks for sharing

Wow! @teamsteem,
this is definitely the first time I'm noticing you talk about a meetup.
I just so love the steem blockchain because it enhances increased collaboration between people that would ordinarily not have crossed paths.

I'm not in Montreal. But all the way from Africa, I do host and attend our own local meetups in Nigeria. Infact we already have such events slated for 17th & 24th of this month.

So the way we have organized it, it seems like we do a meetup every other weekend over here.

You already have some big names lined up for this event in Montreal. I'm sure many others will still turn up.

BTW: I'm a medical doctor. My team and I have been running a steem -powered healthcare project known as @AIR-CLINIC. We have been able to deliver free, accessible healthcare to over 1000+ steemians and beyond for 96 days exactly since the project birthed.

Our discord community is the largest group of health experts on this blockchain. We also do daily healthcare talks, radio health education, medical writeup curation, and other activities to sustain the steady growth of our members.

Would be glad if you can look over to it and see how you can support us. Thank you for always being @tEamSteem AWESOME!


Hello @nairadaddy you said it right.

YES! We're there for shure! On a hate de revoir tout le monde et de te recontrer @teamsteem! En plus on reçois de la visite spéciale @crimsonclad! The crimson queen cometh to Montreal! See you there!

J'ai très hâte moi aussi! Je suis aussi un fan fini de Crimmi mais ne lui dite pas. C'est entre nous. :P

we are so going to open the hug pit


J'ai réservé pour 15 personnes le samedi 24 Mars à 6h30pm.

Au plaisir! J'ai très hâte. On continuera la soirée ailleur après. Je n'ai pas encore décidé ou mais si vous avez des idées vous êtes bienvenue à me les partager.

The place

Invitation V

I will be there and I will try and bring the biggest crew that I can. Let's get this community to really connect!

Let us know a rough number of how many so we can make sure we have the right space :) will be cool to meet you!

There will likely only be 2 of us. 3 at max.

I'm gonna meet teamsteem! Wooooooohhhhhhh! I can't wait 😄

Yes! I can't wait to meet you too!

you are very cool man

I took a trip to Montreal this summer I did not know nothing about steem at the time I should have known I could have met you . Life just doesn't go how you want it to. By the way I made an open letter to you and I think you should read it I hope you agree with my points #friendlyrivalry
Here's the letter by the way :

Remember friendly rivals and I wish i could have met you that would be fun.

But meeting @teamsteem is a huge bonus!!!

We're going to have a very good time!

Can't wait to see you guys again @juliakponsford and mr @vachemorte!

Yheaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! :P

J'ai réservé pour 15 personnes le samedi 24 Mars à 6h30pm.

Au plaisir! J'ai très hâte. On continuera la soirée ailleur après. Je n'ai pas encore décidé ou mais si tu as des suggestions elles sont les bienvenues.

The place

Invitation V

J'ai réservé pour 15 personnes le samedi 24 Mars à 6h30pm.

Au plaisir! J'ai très hâte. On continuera la soirée ailleur après. Je n'ai pas encore décidé ou mais si tu as des suggestions elles sont les bienvenues.

The place

Invitation V

Go get some poutine and smoked meat!

We will!

Have you heard of Schwartz smoked meat? It's sooooo good :)

Promoting steemit :)

wow, that's awesome dude! I'm glad to see you guys meeting up :)

Hello @teamsteam

Salutes for organizing this meetup. Meetups are important instrument to continue to deepen interests in steem blockchain. We have been up and doing in this regards having participated in a lots of meetups. I believe they are best instrument of growth. I already have one slated for 17th of this month and the details are on my blog page at @eurogee


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

COOL. Hope my upvote gets some folks full of good food or some good wine! I know you're always going hard to bring the best. Goodluck, and have fun! Enjoy! Wish I could attend!

Thank you very much Matt! That will help for sure! We'll have a blast! And I'm pretty sure we'll have a chance to meet in the future even if it's not in Montreal this time.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Most definitely. The future, for sure. Have another 100% to help make your meetup good :-). Keep doing good work, brother.

That was pretty epic! Thank you! You just putted a nice big smile on my face!

I promise I will drink especially for you, you can count on me~

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Haha, please do! I'm holding you to it. But while you're at it, buy @teamsteem a drink, that guy does such an insanely huge amount of good for this platform and its community.

Wow! @teamsteem, we also have a MEETUP here in Port Harcourt, Nigeria on the same day. So good to know we'll be doing same thing along side you guys. Wish you all a successful MEETUP.

J'apprécie vraiment cette activité, dans mon propre pays, de nombreuses communautés ont organisé un événement de rencontre pour présenter la plateforme steemit à la communauté, et je pense que steemit continue de grandir et de faire du pays français le sommet de la gloire steemit, merci. photos de notre communauté en indonésie après avoir fait connaissance il y a quelque temps, vraiment très simple dans le cas où vous aurez un titre en français, mais qui ont un sens profond


J'espère que nous pouvons nous entraider et travailler ensemble, steemit ne fonctionne pas sans d'autres amis, merci @teamsteem

I might have to show up

I wish i could meet my fellow steemians but i think this will happen after I build my account at steemit

It's gonna be Epic!

I reserved for 15 persons on Saturday the 24th at 6h30pm.

We'll most probably head out somewhere else afterward. I don't know where yet.

J'ai hâte! On se voit là-bas!

The place

Invitation V

@teamsteem j'y serai sans faute.

Je suis en ce moment avec @lautre & @soushi888 et on convient pour dire que ça sera un sommet pour nous sur la plateforme!

Fichier_000 (1).jpeg

J'ai réservé pour 15 personnes le samedi 24 Mars à 6h30pm.

Au plaisir! J'ai très hâte. On continuera la soirée ailleur après. Je n'ai pas encore décidé ou mais si tu as des suggestions elles sont les bienvenues.

The place

Invitation V

Je vais etre la! on se voit Samedi!

Génial! J'ai aussi très hate!

This is a great effort to keep the love of steemit cut across to people out there. Is going to be a wonderful event. Keep reaching out to people out there and keep the fire burning. More grease to your elbow.

I'm flying across the country to make sure we all have a great time! I can't believe how many awesome steemians are in Quebec... I'm super excited to raise a glass and toast to some of the coolest kids on the block(chain) when I get there!

(me, being exceptionally fancy and French)

It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of people all over the world — in places right under my nose, and what feels like light years away —who I have had the incredible honour of getting to know and call my friends. Thanks for taking on this work, Guillaume, I know it isn't easy to plan any gathering, let alone one that spans countries and coasts. I appreciate you!

Thank you Crim! I can't wait to meet you in person!

(Glitter minions ready...) It will be fun to bring everyone together and It is amazing that we get to meet so many inspiring people on this platform all from different places and backgrounds and when we come together, we celebrate as friends and there could be nothing better than that! And it will indeed be an honor to toast with you! A bientot !

I reserved for 15 persons on Saturday the 24th at 6h30pm.

We'll probably head out directly at the top of the mont Royal right after cause I know you love it there. More seriously we'll find a place to continue this awesome evening! I can't wait to see you!

The place

Invitation V

Amusez-vous bien ! :)

Merci Rox!

Je suis super partante pour ça!

Super! Je t'ai ajouté!

I wish I could be present in all these meetups, but one day I know I will come through, dreams do come true I believe

I'M ALL IN!!!!!!!
Ça va être deluxe avec toute le crew! Avec Crim et Team et le reste des amis, c'est certain qu'on va assurer une joyeuse rencontre :)

Oh oui! J'ai hâte de voir toute le monde!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I would like to join you. Vego' on St Denis/rue Ontario has many options for people with allergies like myself to dairy and gluten.

I'm vegan. I think there's a lot of option for us. I'll make sure to ask about dairy and gluten allergies. How serious are these? Do you avoid some place even when they specify they have dairy and gluten free option?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm also vegan :D It's tricky because I have celiac disease so I usually only have fruit, smoothie or a salad when eating out. Unless the place is both gluten-free and vegan, but I don't think we have any yet in Montreal.

I was wondering, is English your first language or French?

I reserved for 15 persons on Saturday the 24th at 6h30pm.

Let me know if you'll join us. We'll most probably head out somewhere else afterward. I don't know where yet.

The place

Invitation V

Thanks, I'll be there :) It looks like the menu has no gluten, but I'll contact the restaurant for more info. I speak both English and French, first language is actually Italian. Looking forward to meeting you all!

There is also 'Vegano' on Rachel, owned by a friend of mine.
Let me know if you need help organizing the meetup :)

So cool! Can't wait, Mirella

Me too!! We had a rough winter, time to get out! :))

Super cool ! Tu peux toujours compter sur l'aide de @steemquebec pour l'organisation ! On a hâte de tous vous rencontrer ! On partage l'événement dans nos prochains bulletins de nouvelle !

Really nice ! You can count on the Steem Québec team for helping you in the organization if you need ! Can't wait to see you all ! We sahre the event in our nexts newsletters !

J'essaierai d'être là, j'ai mes filles ce week-end là, mais je vais voir si je peux m'arranger. André Pitre (@stupitt666 & @studio666)

C'est bon! Je t'ai ajouté!

Wow amazing meet up...
I want to show up...
Success for meet up...
I like it...
Thank you...
Success is always for you @teamsteem

Wow! I think your meetup will be a lot of fun and future plans on steemit. This platform really brought people to help one another in attaining their common goals. Keep up the good job sir!

yeeepie! I can't wait to meet you all! :)

I feel the exact same!

Can't wait to meet you too @karensuestudios! So nice to have you come all the way from CA to meet up with us in Montreal!

eeeekkkK!!! :) Fun fun fun! We are going to have a blast. Can't wait to meet you as well!

The place. Just in case you lose yourself. :P

Invitation V


Ha comme j'aimerais pouvoir être présent et te rencontrer ainsi que la gang de @steem-quebec.

La Suisse c'est quand même à un océan de distance.

Connais-tu des personnes actives et enthousiastes envers Steem en Suisse romande (francophone) ?

Cela pourrait me permettre de les rejoindre pour créer un groupe s'il n'existe pas déjà.

Je vais essayer d'y jetter un oeil soit celle d' le jeudi 15 mars ou celle là du samedi 24.

wow resto is very luxurious, it will be very memorable, meeting event here would be fun and will be successful

I miss Montreal dammit! I was born there :)



  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Have fun guys. Its so wonderful that you guys are meeting and presenting with more people and sectors....very exciting!!
I am sure it will be a wonderful event, lots of people, good food, coffee & lots of good information. I wish i could join you Guys.

Your photos are very interesting.
please vote my post @fikarfitim99

Wow that's gonna be a superb event,i wish i could attend the meet up.But its very far from my place and i don't have that much money to go there.Montreal is a cool place.I wish you guys a successful meet up.Thanks for sharing with us.@upvoted and resteemed

Steemit meet up is always nice to see fellow steemian together..enjoy the event..

up-vote from @steem-mollt

Nice information. I would have love to be there but i based in nigeria

J'aimerais être là! Wish I could be there! enjoy :)

On se reprend Carolyn. J'irai vous rendre visite si jamais je visite le Mexique.

If you want to come let me know! I'll finance it for you and your boyfriend. I would really love it. It's a vegan place. 6h30pm, Invitation V.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am about your invitation to Invitation V. It is an absolute honor. However our trip back to Montreal took a toll on us. We feel like we have been hit by a bus so we will have to decline. It would be wonderful if in the future sometime we will be able to shake your hand.

Enjoy the evening and thanks again so very much!

Awesome! Take care of yourself and until next time!

I would really like to have one of such meetings. I think this is a very amazing moment.

All of these meetups are going to be huge for the infrastructure of STEEMIT and helping it grow to where facebook is today, I honestly believe it could surpass it.

keep us updated about it seems like its going to be an awesome meetup

It is really nice that meetings like these are organised. It helps the steemit community to be functional both onlined and offline

I just attended my first meet up in Boston and realized that meet ups are essential for creating fellowship and trust in the virtual world. They also bring new people onboard because we are more likely to discuss real world meet ups with our friends and relatives and excitement can spread through each attendees personal network. You have my vote... it might help to finance an after dinner mint... ha ha!

California is pretty far...

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This is a great meeting up in a special place, wow is a great collaboration from the masters of photos, musicians, writers, fashion video graph, artists, blockchain consultants, crypto experts, developers and more. this is an important meeting up, I can not wait to hear good news from the meeting. hopefully there will be no obstacles until the Saturday, March 24th. I am very interested.

Sounds like a good time for fellowship and steem education .

Thought I would mention to you - I was hacked Friday morning. They scammed me and took 663.843 SBD and 22.641 tokens from my Steemit account. I have had tears, anger depression and so much more over this. They sent me to a site Steewit instead of Steemit without my knowledge. Folks need to be very careful. I have made two posts so far in my blogs. I encourage you to read them and spread the word. The scammers seem to be from Romania and need prayers to change their ways. I would appreciate your prayers as well. Thanks and blessings - Troy

I'm really sorry about your lost. I don't know what to say.

You are very senior in steemit and I am very junior in steemit, I really appreciate any help from you to help me @oziie

Wow, i too want to meet you in real life !!
you are my inspiration in steemit thank you so much

I really appreciate!

not enough notice for me or would crash this event. Sounds great. Let us know when you come to California and I'm in. I love this stuff

Guillaume, this is a great place, judging by the photo.

You guys should come to dubai as well

When are you guys flying to Australia???

I wish I can meet you in person @teamsteem! You have touch the lives of so many Steemians here. It will be an honor to meet you and talk to you and just see you in person!

Thank you @emdesan!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

OMG! @teamsteem replied to my comment! I am so happy sir, you made my day! By the way, I hope you post often too. I love reading more of your blogs. Thank you so so much!!!

this is great! sadly i am too far but i hope at least 50 to join! both steemit users and their friends & family who wanna join! keeps us updated of the event and the outcome!


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm sure it will be a great event, full of good information, fun and friendship, sorry to be so far away to accompany you, I'll wait for the summary of this event! successful

Will be leaving Montreal on the 18th just missing you guys! All the best keep steeeeming!

I really wanted to go to a meeting. But I live in Russia. I really liked your account. Signed up, hoping for reciprocity. I'm new person to Steam.

Great's gonna epic!

Thanks for the information sir.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment


an extraordinary meeting that talks about steem and is held in a fancy restaurant, and hopefully the meeting goes well and hopefully more steemit @teamsteem

woohoo go steem!!

Steem up.

It’s looks lovely, @teamsteem, I hope it’s a fun and fruitful meetup!

My wife and I are not able to make it to Montreal at this time, but hope to attend one in DC or Florida (discouraged by Banfield, I’m afraid, after the controversy...)

I understand but if you want to be there I feel like it shouldn't discourage you.

Well, it doesn't feel right, somehow, and my confidence has been shaken in it. So, if nothing else comes up, I think I might wait for the official Steemfest and try to catch that, instead.