Action that Causes, Positive Reaction...The Way You seed in that way You reap...

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Resistance that you run Into in life is a spring board for your success and realization of a life mission...

The way you seed, the same way you will harvest. If the seed is good then the fruits will be too. Wishing, aiming, getting the new knowledge is worthless if you don't put them into action. Conditions that are needed for someone to act that brings success are truly minimal.


Arnold Schwarzenegger had a dream to become famous. He started as a bodybuilder. Imagine how hard he must have been working before he won the title for Mr. Universe 5 times and the title for Olympia 7 times. After that, he started his acting career. Movies started to flow: Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, Commando, Last Action Hero, Twins, Total Recall, Collateral Damage, and many others.

Today he is the governor of California – the richest state in the USA. He has been a Republican since he came to the USA. While he was an actor, his political attitudes were well-known to everybody. His political attitudes made him different from other actors who were mostly liberal or democratically oriented.

Schwarzenegger explained why he became a Republican at the National Convention of Republicans in 2004.


“I came here in 1968. That day was truly special for me. I remember I came to the USA with my pockets empty, but full of dreams, determinacy and willingness. When I came, the campaign for presidential election was going on and was at its peak. I watched on the television a presidential run between Nixon and Humphrey. Friend of mine who spoke German was translating. Everything Humphrey said sounded as a Socialism that I’ve left behind.

Then I heard Nixon’s speech. He talked about free entrepreneurship, tax reduction, taking the state of people's back and army consolidation. While I was listening to Nixon’s speech, I felt a whiff of fresh breeze. I asked my friend to which party Nixon belonged. “He is a Republican”, my friend said. Then I’m Republican, too, I said. From that day forward, I never changed my political attitude”.

Action causes success and success is nothing else but a consequence. Good preparation makes 90% of success and action only 10%. However, without action there are no results. I’ll give you an example.

Imagine a huge promotion held at a hotel in the room for 1000 people. Promotion is organized by 2 promoters, 5 persons for guest a reception, 3 camera operators, 22 company employees and the door attendant. All functions well until the promoter says to the door attendant to watch on his little job and to open the door on time.

Door attendant got mad since he didn’t gain respect and trust from the promoter and decided not to open the door. Guests stayed waiting at a front and promotion was never held. Promotion turned into a real scandal. Media came the very moment and announced the company’s disgrace all around.

Company ratings failed for 1000%. Company experienced a real disaster. Its turnovers in the following three months were so minor that many employees got fired. The company faces a real disaster.



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He's an admirable person! do not change his thinking despite being close to many people who had different ideas than that of him, did not let himself influence and kept his ideals


Yes, you are right, we should always upgrade, no matter how much money we have...

We must work in the form of gear where the pieces must greased in the perfect time.



I am very young to understand politics, I can refer to the beginning of the publication, you say something very real, everyone reaps what they sow, if you sow roses, you will receive roses, but those roses you will plant in a good soil that will place better conditions for it to bloom the plant, because if it does not provide the best conditions, your plant will never give you its splendid flowering. As for Swarzenegger, I know him as an excellent actor, his story of how his political inclination emerged is very interesting and much more knowing that it was a dream of his life and with great effort he struggled to achieve that dream, in conclusion: dreams can be perform only to sow on the road and thus harvest when we reach the top. thank you friend @tatjanastan


Excellent conclusions from Young person, cool...

We have to constantly persist in our belief that we have become a success in the present, despite what the 3 dimensional physical world tells us. We think in the 4th dimension. When we always think of our selves as a success, the 3rd dimension reflects that back to us. We have to think it in the 4th dimension first.

It is especially powerful to think of our selves as a success at the times when the physical world shows us that we are failures. Do Not Believe It! In those moments that you seem to fail in the physical world, Know you are a success!

Feel your success in every moment, especially while you are taking action toward success. Your action makes your thoughts more powerful and your thoughts of success while you are taking action make your action more powerful.

Schwarzenegger must have Felt himself winning Mr. Universe, etc, while he was working out every day. He must have Felt himself winning the Governorship while he was campaigning.


Cool and long and quality explanation...

We should never lost our inspiration 😇


A very wonderful article, my friend, you are absolutely impressed with me
I wish you all the best, my dear friend


I didn't quite understand Your point...

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