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RE: Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers: Where Will You Be?

in #life2 years ago

I'm not interested in a platform where exploits earn more than hard work.

The entire problem with the platform that is the global economy.

I will likely mostly be on Hive, but will continue knocking around here too, as I have put a lot into this place and think it is worth at least observing, if not participating directly in what could happen to it.


I don't see a future for me on Steem, at all. Maybe it'll be fine for those who'd prefer to piss away the true potential. Maybe I'm wrong. Too many maybes, my friend. If there was a roadmap placed in front of me today I'd assume it's bullshit. I never thought I'd lose faith in this platform...

I am interested in the "what'll happens" and "what ifs" - my content will be predominently over on Hive. I will add stuff here if I feel there is a reason to.

The platform is much the same on Hive - and it is looking pretty good if people can hold their shit together.

Dude I just don't want to see people make the same damn mistakes all over again. I want to give it a try. I'll be on edge though. Seems like that's where everyone will be. I'll know after one month where it's headed. I'll have no place to go if I start seeing those early warning signs.