On The Cusp

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Ever feel like you're on the cusp of change? Or on the precipice ready to fall off a cliff? Or perhaps on the verge of a great discovery? Or maybe on the edge of financial success/failure?


That's how I'm feeling, all of them. Waiting on the upturn in crypto, and Steem in particular, is something I feel like I'm used to. What's on the other side of that door? I wish it would hurry the hell up, but it won't matter how long it takes, one way or the other. I will still be here.

The worldwide unease has me jittery if I think about it too long. Mostly I tend to avoid mainstream news as that seems like too much kool-aid to swallow. If you break it down into simply people, I think since time immemorial, we have all wanted the same things.


We want the freedom to raise our families as we see fit. We want to be the deciding factor in what we feed our families, what we teach our children and how we administer medical care. We want to keep the money we earn and we don't want unneeded interference from our governments.

My great discovery goes back a couple of years to the realization that I needed to turn my few acres of barren sandlot into a Garden of Eden that would feed and nurture myself and my family. It seems as though I was making good strides in that respect when my kid flipped his truck and turned our respective worlds upside down.


That brings me to today, slightly more than two years later and I find myself on the cusp of change. The world changed that day two years ago for my son and for me. It's been two years of self doubt, depression, agonizing rehabilitation and fear of the future. It's also been two years of happy tears, of hugs, of confidence building and hope for the future.

Tonight Rodney goes back onstage, behind his drum kit for the first time in over two years. He had been a drummer in a popular local metal band for several years before his accident. That band broke apart and he has accepted a position with a new band called Rivers.

The change is coming. I can feel it deep down in the marrow of my bones. Change for him and for me. Change for you and for us all.

Get ready, prepare yourselves for the changes coming. They can be great or they can be small but one thing is for certain....we're all on the cusp!

Rodney June 2017, pre accident



Thank you...it's good to see you again!

So happy your son is getting back on stage! Simply wonderful news! And good luck with the new band!
As for the changes, I do hope they are coming and they are good. I'm in the same sort of mental space... waiting for something...

Thank you so much! The show turned out great! I was hoping all along for life to get back to normal, then finally realized that normal is inevitably in the past lol. Life gets a new normal every day.

That waiting is tough, especially when you don't truly know what's coming down the pike. Some days I don't want to look, to see what's coming and other days I want to go out and meet it head on, poke it in the eye, grab it by the balls and swing it around then take it home for dinner. Who can tell?....the waiting continues...

Oh man, that's awesome. I hope the gig went well!!

Oh, it did! I feel like I can breathe again, after these past two years :D Thank you!!

Gosh! You have been through a lot! Your patience and stubbornness had paid off in one way or the other.

Glad that your son is back on stage doing what he loves.

You are absolutely right about that feeling of being on the verge of drastic change. I also have been waiting for this moment for almost two years.

Things seem to shift slightly side way from time to time as if to tease or to test our inner strength. I am afraid for people who would be caught without any preparation mentally or spiritually.
Meanwhile the show must go on!

Take care and enjoy everyday life.

Thank you so very much! It's true, I am very stubborn lol. When I set my mind to something it is difficult to sway me.

You and I, and others here will be better prepared for these upcoming changes. I think simply by the fact that we are here, we recognize that change is inevitable. Let the show go on!!

Thank you @kaminchan and you take care as well my friend <3

Thank you for your very nice reply.

We have to continue living each day with the awareness of reality and have that compassion and wisdom to survive when the tough time comes!

Good luck and take care!

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Howdy tamaralovelace! That is SO good to see that he is going back on stage! Wow. Does he have any lasting effects from his injuries?

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