when most sick because of women (saat paling sakit karna wanita)

in #life4 years ago

imageselamat pagi para steemian yg setia bersama [email protected] di pagi hari ini saya mau membagi sedikit kesedihan yg aku rasakan karna wanita. malam tadi saya temukan pacar saya jalan sama orang lain yg sangat sakitnya itu karna dia pura pura tidak ada hubungan lain dengan saya selain hubungan pertemanan, saya sebagai laki laki yg kuat hati karna sering kejadian srperti itu seperti ini terasa sakitnya sampai tidak bisa tidur semalaman. padahal aku dulu tidak pernah merasa sakit jika di sakiti oleh wanita, apakah karna dulu aku cuma memberikan cinta palsu? mungkin iya, apakah kali ini saya benar benar cinta sama dia maka begini sakit yg ku rasa itupun mungkin iya. apakah yg harus saya lakukan dengan semua ini? jika untuk melupakan dia sinngguh berat bagiku.
good morning steemian loyal with me @ takin in the morning I want to share a little sadness that I feel because women. while sya street street last night I found my girlfriend walk together with other people who are very sick it because he pretended no other relationship with me other than friendship, I am already such a normal karna me as a man who strong heart because often the incident srperti that. but this time I feel like this illness until I can not sleep all night just thinking about him continue when I never felt pain when being hurt by women, whether because I used to just give false love? maybe yes, whether this time I really love with him then this is pain that I feel maybe even then. what should I do with all this? if to forget he is too heavy for me. but I will try if that's what he wants because all we can do even if it's heavy


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